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Review: Pickpawcket by Loopycube


It appears that Loopycube has taken the concept of a cat burglar quite literally.  The art world has gone to the dogs, and it’s up to you to infiltrate their most famous museums and take back the precious paintings the bowsers have stolen from you.  This cute puzzle game actually manages to provide a decent challenge while not becoming overwhelming or ever feeling too basic (the first couple of levels aside).  There’s not much new here, but it’s a nice combination of elements that work well together and make for some entertaining sleuthing.

Search for Earthly Intelligence has Begun!

Four Months ago, I was contacted by a Representative of the Galactic Council to assist in assessing EARTH's place in the Galactic Sector.

I was instructed to create a means of assessing the sophistication of human language.  Thus I have created a iPhone/iTouch game that evaluates

players word skills.  


Secret of Chateau de Moreau Review - The Best Mystery Thriller for iOS to Grace the Appstore



4:33 Creative Labs look like they have a winner on their hands with the launch of Secret of Chateau de Moreau.  The new game is an adventure/mystery title that utilizes story telling and puzzle solving to suck players in and plot twists and alternate endings to keep them hooked. 

Frozen Equilibrium Free

Frozen Equilibrium Free

   One ancient Puzzle you will find,
   Ice and snow will catch your mind.
   The Solution hides under the frost,
   It could be found and it could be lost...

   Keep your mind clear and dont close your eyes.
   Something will sink but something will rise.
   Solve the conundrum of Frozen Lands!
   The Fate of the World is in your hands...

DressUp-Fashion comes to iOS platforms free of charge!

DressUp-Fashion comes to iOS platforms free of charge!


Check out the latest mobile game from MindJolt’s SGN Studio:  DressUp-Fashion™ for the iPhone™, iPad™, and iPod Touch


Designed for fashionistas of all ages, DressUp-Fashion brings favorite styles from the popular online fashion destination, DressUp.com, to iOS platforms, free of charge. Stylists-in-the-making can customize their characters with new and chic hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and makeup, as well as save and share their creations via Facebook, Twitter, and email.  


Fashion enthusiasts can customize their unique style sense within these trendy character scenes:

Tiny Heroes trailer released!

Coming soon to the app store, a tower defense (or treasure defense in this case) game that caught my eye, mainly because the trailer is so well done. Truly, TD can actually get on my nerves sometimes (except for the 3D Monster Trouble, which I love). Anyway, I hope the game is as fun as the trailer makes it look. More information to be forthcoming, I am sure... Tiny Heroes PR blurb excerpt follows...

What I played this week - iBlast Moki and Paper Racer!


Weird physics puzzle game called iBlast Moki (currently free) which involves setting timed explosive charges, the force of which will propel cartoon heads toward and hopefully into a target. The jingly music has a pleasant quality and the graphics are very lucid for a cartoon-ish game. It is all strangely compelling (see trailer after the break for version 2) for a half-hour or so. In other news, still trying to beat all the Paper Racer levels on the iPod (having done so on iPad)...

Review: Split Apple by MKO Games


When I was a kid I never really cared for gym, and this feeling intensified when I got to high school.  However, one thing I actually enjoyed was archery, even though I wasn’t very good at it.  Thanks to Split Apple I can relive those “care free” high school days, including my lack of skill at hitting a bull’s eye.  A little bit of variety and the presence of even an AI opponent would certainly help liven up things a bit, but even without that Split Apple is an entertaining little game.




19 August 2011






GORE-QUENCHING and deadly addictive, Bifrost Studios’ second game release, Zombie Juice, continues to rise in popularity amongst iPad and iPhone gamers with the iPad version alone experiencing up to 200 downloads per day.

Earlier this year, the Australian developer experienced minor success with its debut game, Hot Tail, but Zombie Juice has become a hit almost overnight because it is the first ‘interactive’ zombie game to be released for iPad and iPhone.

Review: Space Ship Ion by iniGames


I did a review of Space Ship Ion back when it was SSI:Zero, it was free, and it turned out to be only a two  level preview of the full game (which wasn’t available at the time).  Now that I’ve gotten my hands on the full version I’ve reached basically the same conclusion I had before – this game is a blast.  I’m not quite ready to say it’s my favorite vertical shooter for the iOS, but it certainly ranks up at the top.  Between cool enemy design, and neat upgrade system, and well balanced game play, there’s a lot to like in this war against the aliens.

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