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Swapple - The (r)evolution of "match 3"

Swapple - The (r)evolution of

Introducing the (r)evolution of “match 3” games.


Thumbfire Games brings “multimatching” to gamers worldwide with their new iOS game “Swapple”.


Matching gems has been a top-selling concept for casual games – played by millions of players as online game or smartphone app. But nearly all of those games are limited to match a maximum of 3 to 5 gems for each move – making the gameplay slow and less challenging.


Über Dankeschön special of the fun and educational Kinder App Dr. Doodah: 100 First Things in October

Über Dankeschön special of the fun and educational Kinder App Dr. Doodah: 100 First Things in October

Berlin, Germany - Goldlausch Medienverlag announced today a Dankeschön special of the fun and educational Kinder App Dr. Doodah: 100 First Things. The simple and fresh Dr. Doodah Kinder App for iPhone and iPod helps kids to remember and pronounce all those everyday things around them and perfectly supports early childhood education. The application contains more than one hundred beautifully hand illustrated items within seven indoor and outdoor themes. By touching an item on the screen, the name of this item is pronounced. The app is utterly intuitive, so that even toddlers easily learn to play this app. Whether at home, on your travels or in a restaurant, with this app kids will easily occupy themselves and learn effortlessly.

Monster Trouble HD FREE for limited time!


One of my favorite picks in this year's BG issue (see my full review here), Monster Trouble HD not only an Apple pick of the week award, but now (for a limited time) FREE for the HD version, which can be snapped up quick-like here. You need 3rd or 4th gen iP device (or an iPad) and 4.2 iOS or later to enjoy it. Hurry!

iNibby Nibble App Review



This is a remake of a classic Amiga game called Nibby Nibble. The visuals in iNibby Nibble are more refined than the classic version as there are more curved surfaces rather than levels made up of square grids (for the outer walls). The level backgrounds in iNibby Nibble don't really move and seem pre-rendered. 

Software Firm eMobiSoft Launches Troll Blaster Physics Strategy Game for Apple iOS

Software Firm eMobiSoft Launches Troll Blaster Physics Strategy Game for Apple iOS

Montreal based mobile software firm eMobiSoft Inc. announced today the launch of their physics strategy / puzzle game Troll Blaster for Apple iOS devices.  The game enters the popular projectile destruction genre of gameplay in which the player fires a strategically selected weapon onto a structure containing evil trolls.  Players progress by killing all trolls.

“We are proud to officially launch Troll Blaster to our Apple iOS audience.  This game brings a brand new element of strategy to the projectile destruction genre of games.  We worked hard to bring players a new type of challenge that they haven’t encountered before while also aiming to make a fun, strategic puzzle game.” said owner Lucky Gupta.

Get Staunch Defense FREE for limited time...!!!


More TD fun, and FREE for a limited time thanks to DailyAppDream, grab Staunch Defense here. This is decidely low-tech looking, but more the thinking person's Tower Defense in terms of depth. 20 different towers, 6 different buildings, and 60+ technologies to pick from... Read on for full PR details...

What I Played this Week - Another World!


There are games, and then there are "Games". Games so cool and immersive, you wish they were actually in some sidereal universe you could visit (with game cheats, unlimited shields and heavy weapons of course). When I first experienced Another World, I instantly put it in that category. From the opening action sequences that set up the very cool back-story (could be a movie), to the point you crawl out of the water on Another World - 20th Anniversary (and see that thing on the cliff watching you) you feel creeped out... Tip to new game developers: This how to create a unique and compelling adventure game.

Review: Sprinkle - Water Splashing Fire Fighting Fun by Mediocre AB


These days, physics games seem to be mainly of two varieties: destroy everything in sight or collect stars and candy.  From that perspective Sprinkle is a breath of fresh air, because your goal is to help a bunch of cute (and often annoying) aliens put out a bunch of fires that are going to devastate their village.  It even has different game mechanics than what we’re used to in the typical physics game.  My biggest problem with the game is that the difficulty of some of the levels is insane, and your progress in the game can completely stop just because you can’t pass a particular level.  To me physics games should be casual fun, and that’s hard to have when it takes a ridiculous amount of tries to pass a level.

Puzzle Love Released!

Puzzle Love Released!

Puzzle Love is the latest and greatest puzzle game available for your iPhone.

Play all the traditional puzzles you know and love in a beautiful and calming setting. It's chock-full of gorgeous retina graphics & packed full of fun.

Inside you'll find:

♥ Sudoku - everyone loves sudoku!

♥ 5x5 - Sometimes going by other names, in 5x5 you make words left to right and top to bottom on a 5 cell by 5 cell grid. Harder than it sounds!

♥ Target - Our favourite. Make words of 4 letters or more using the 9 letters given to you - and don't forget to use the target letter!

♥ Wordbuilder - Target's little brother - you're only given 5 letters and can use any combination to make words of 3 letters or more.

Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary by BulkyPix


I am definitely a fan of ports of older games, because they usually allow me to replay a game I really enjoyed from my past or experience a game that I never got the opportunity to try the first time around.  Another World is slightly different, though, because other than knowing that it existed I had never played it nor did I know enough about it to really be interested in playing it.  Now that I’ve spent some time with it, however, I realize that I missed out on something pretty special by letting this one pass by.  I’m just glad I’ve gotten the chance to make amends on that faux pas.

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