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Rotten Search, The Movie Companion released by KPL Studios

Rotten Search, The Movie Companion released by KPL Studios

Ramat Gan, Israel - Announcing that KPL Studios has released "Rotten Search", a new app for iPhone and iPod touch. Finally an elegant, stylish and easy to use way to check about the movies you want to see when you're on the go.

Based on Rotten Tomatoes famous database of movies, Rotten Search gives users all the cast members info, the synopses, the posters and much more about virtually any past, showing and upcoming movies... and Rotten Tomatoes' review & public ratings are already included as a special bonus! 

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Apple iPhone 5 Features & Release Date

As the 5th era of the iPhone is on the verge of staying produced, and with all the speculations spreading on the World wide web about the iPhone 5, individuals are anticipating and desperately waiting for the start of the smartphone. Quite a few fanatics and current Apple iPhone consumers are wanting to know what groundbreaking features Apple will include to the new iPhone 5.

UPDATE It is official, it is a refreshed iPhone four, called the iPhone 4S read about it right here, but we will keep updating this post with new iPhone five functions and information, so this is the most recent we know about the iPhone five

This post summarizes the numerous attributes and specs that are predicted to sport the device.

iPhone five Attributes

Buy a VooMote for each family member and throw away all your remotes!


Here’s how simple it is!

1. Attach the VooMote to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via the dock connector.

2. Download the VooMote app from iTunes

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Auto-Tune Star gets a beauty make over.

Auto-Tune Star gets a beauty make over.

Auto-Tune Star, the fun iPhone music vocal effect app which has remained a top 30 best selling app since its inception, has gone through a graphic make over.  Auto-Tune Star is one of the few music apps which contains the original and now infamous Antares Auto-Tune vocal pitch corrector effect.  Now, the graphics have been upgraded to a sexier interface with vintage tones, including a retro VU meter.



Planner S, “Social Diary” Merges Friends and Functionality in a New Way



A social networking integrated calendar app?  That’s what AKAON seems to have launched in the App Store.  I was skeptical, but the more you play with Planner S, the more sense it makes. It’s own kind of quirky sense, to be sure, but sense.



It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year—For Shopping Apps!


It’s the holidays, people.

I’ve got my credit card out and I’m ready to hit the shopping mall, baby! Let’s do this!



More like, I’ve got a thermos full of “special” hot chocolate in my coat pocket and an intense hatred for parking garages, filthy men’s rooms, and interminably long lines.

Oh, and bleeding money for a month solid? I’m not a fan.

Holiday shopping makes weep like Frosty the Snowman on a sunny day, but I managed to find a few apps that make it a little less painful, and I thought I’d share them with you today—just in time for you to hit the mall.

iPhoneCaptain Goes HollyWood w/ Jon Brandmeier


A few weeks ago, I had the honor of meeting Jon Brandmeier. We discussed the passing of Steve Jobs and also the iPhone 4S. He's a great guy who has had many great accomplishments. Brandmeier currently has his own show that he hosts at NBC Chicago. What a way to have your first interview. He has a great show covering many topics. Check out the short clip of my interview with Brandmeier. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to fall out of my chair.



My Life In Numbers


My Life In Numbers … celebrate your life in a unique way



My Life In Numbers lets you measure and celebrate events in your life in unusual and different ways. Find out when you will be one billion seconds old, how far the earth has travelled today, how much the richest man in the world has earned since you started work or just enjoy the beauty of the numbers! 

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