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Having trouble making a decision? Check out these iOS apps!

Our mobile gadgets and apps are doing a lot for us these days, helping us organize information, giving us driving directions, entertaining us, and much more. It was only a matter of time before apps emerged to help us make decisions. Are you ready for that job interview? Do you need to see the doctor? Are you prepared for the test? Common sense answers many of your questions, but the right app can help you factor the odds (favorable or not so much) and get some practical advice.


Semantic Search Social TV

Semantic Search Social TV

Intenuum, a New High Tech Start-up, Brings the “Social TV Commerce” to the Market to Change the Way People Experience TV


Visual Design On the iPad

Professional-level apps for the serious artist and designer

The work of iPad screen artists is absolutely stunning; it's hard to believe that such imagery was created with a finger, an iPad, and a few apps.

We all have some experience using our fingers as a drawing tool. Our first introduction may have been fing er paints, poster boards or even drawing on wet sand. As we hone and refine our talent, we extend our skills with pencils, makers and brushes. Reverting back to finger drawing can be uncomfortable at first, but our early instincts quickly resurface, and even the most stubborn of us end up embracing the iPad's touch interphase.

iPad art apps usually fall into two categories: amateur and professional. Let's take a look at the best professional-level, visual design apps on the iPad.


OrbLive -- new version out today lets you stream Hulu's free service


OrbLive (free, $9.99) is a great app that lets you stream any media from your Mac or PC to your iOS device, as long as both of them are connected to the Internet somewhere in the world. You simply download some free software to your desktop computer, and download the OrbLive app to your device. Then any content on your PC, whether it's live streaming TV, or music, or videos, can be streamed to your device via the Internet.

Star Trek PADD - First Look



I picked up the $4.99 iPad app, Star Trek PADD, when it was released. I am a huge fan of Star Trek. So I was eager to give PADD a try.


Foo Fighters - Live on my iPad!!

I received the below email today. I can see my favorite band, live on my iPad. Life is good.



JailbreakMe 3.0 for iPad 2 Released.....


Free at last!!!!  JailbreakMe 3.0 has been released for the iPad 2 running firmware 4.3.3. Comex finally finished the jailbreak and released it for the public.  I think this jailbreak has been in demand more than any in the past.  Maybe, it was due to having to wait for it to be released.   I think with each firmware, developers at Apple have become more aware of how jailbreaks are done and the holes hackers use to perform the jailbreak. It’s making every jailbreak that much harder to accomplish. 

Free apps to aid your movie-going


I don't usually go to movies, but while on vacation in June I had the urge. So naturally I turned to my iPad. I downloaded Movies by Flixster (free) and was astonished at how useful it was. It immediately identified my location and gave me at a glance everything I needed to know: showtimes,how well liked, links to reviews, and a map to the theater. I really wanted to see a 3-D movie, but the reception for Green Lantern wasn't so hot. I ended up seeing Super 8.

Flipface: Explore the new upside down world!

Flipface: Explore the new upside down world!

Are you ready to go back to the 1960s? Explore the new upside down world!

How would you look like in the craziest time ever? And what about your friends?

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