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Gridloch to score well in Education

Gridloch to score well in Education

Gridloch, a new edutainment iPhone and iPad game developed by Australian mobile software developer, iApps Pty Ltd has hit iTunes and is set to become an instant success.

Today marks the launch of Gridloch, a dynamic edutainment adventure game app with a difference, by Sunshine Coast (Australia) based iApps.

Gridloch was created by Bardroyal Books Pty Ltd and developed in partnership with iApps Pty Ltd.

Based on the numeracy edition of CanUCards, used widely throughout the Australian education system by Bardroyal Books, the edutainment app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was released today into the iTunes App Store.

iDinobook - iOS Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, a new way to look at dinosaurs.

iDinobook - iOS Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, a new way to look at dinosaurs.

Madrid, Spain - 4Fig is pleased to announce iDinobook. It is not only a book, it's a new way to enjoy the dinosaurs and learn at the same time. With a lot of information, very easy to use, it's a new step ahead in education applications for the iPad/iPhone.

Say Bye-Bye to Vacation Weight Gain

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Michele Smith
Tel: 916.671.9617
E-mail: michele@mcommunicationsinc.com

Say Bye-Bye to Vacation Weight Gain!
Local fitness expert and LaFemme Mobile Gym CEO shares easy tips to enjoy your time away without any weight gain worries

NY Based Mom Releases: DRUM CIRCLE KIDS, A Multi-Cultural App For Tots

NY Based Mom Releases: DRUM CIRCLE KIDS, A Multi-Cultural App For Tots

NEW YORK, NY—April 29, 2011,

With DRUM CIRCLE KIDS, the designer mom set out to develop an app that was culturally inclusive, educational, musical, and loads of fun!

for iPad/iPhone
Age: 18 months+
Cost: $0.99
Available: at iTunes

With Drum Circle Kids your child can create unique jam sessions by tapping to turn five colorfully animated drummers on and off with dozens of possible sound combinations. Add to the fun by discovering ambient sounds hidden in the scenery. In the learn section, kids can swipe from one drum to the next and touch to play each drum while learning fun drum facts. Includes: the American Trap Set, Caribbean Steel Pan, Chinese Drum, Cuban Conga and the West African Djembe with more drums to come!

Earth Flags HD iPad App Review - The World at Your Fingertips


The world at your fingertips, this is what the Earth Flag app store description page says and that almost suits the app as Earth Flag is just a cool application for your iPad which lets you to hold the world in your hand. You can explore much from lots of countries given and note this is not a navigation app at all.

An iPad for everyone in kindergarten


Auburn Maine has evidently become the latest hotspot for adoption of the iPad into education, when it was announced after Wednesday April 6ths school committee meeting that the committee had debated and voted unamously to purchase an iPad 2 for next Falls kindergarten class.  That's right every child in kindergarten in Auburn will have the use of an iPad.  There has also been discussion within City Hall of the possibility of adopting the iPad for City Counselors to carry out their duties and allow the City Manager to more efficiently carry out the work of the city.

Kindergarten: 21 in 1 Pack is well worth the money


Kindergarten: 21 in 1 Pack is well worth the money. Although it was developed for Kindergarten age, it is useful for other ages as well. It's an app that will be useful for a number of years as a learning tool, enrichment or review. The app includes seven different features:

Ancient Rome app by Britannica Kids



Ancient Rome, created by Encyclopedia Britannica Kids, is an app that both parents and kids will enjoy. It’s educational AND fun!

The app is divided into segments that you choose from a wheel at the bottom of the screen:

Immersive Spanish - fast and effective language tutor!


My wife is a fluent speaker of Spanish, and having heard the language for a while (and watched many Spanish language TV shows), I am starting to understand it, though still like a 2 year old when trying to speak, and often I mistake crucial words. I have tried structured language programs in the past, and I usually don't finish them (see my iStart Spanish review here).

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