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Factor Samurai - Cut non-prime numbers down to size!

Back in my day when we used things like sliderules, protractors, and multiplication tables (had mine printed on a little cheat sheet), I remember thinking what a total drag mathematics were. I'd rather be outside playing kickball. If I would have had Factor Samurai, I would have jumped on my "times tables" like a shark eating a surfer (go shark)! If you got school kids mildly to severely uninterested in math, this is a clever way to get them interested. Read on for more review comments and info on the app...

Santas World - An Interactive Game for Toddlers and Elves Alike!

Santas World - An Interactive Game for Toddlers and Elves Alike!


Leading Kids Developers Unveil New Christmas App “Santa’s World”


Ushering in this Christmas season, Santa’s World is a children’s educational adventure in polished app form. This unique app is centered around helping Santa get ready for Christmas through a series of exciting educational games. Help the elves by building toys, choosing an outfit for Santa, decorating the Christmas Tree and even packing Santa’s bag for the sleigh! Santa’s World is the perfect holiday game for kids and elves alike!

Historical Hysteria!





With the holidays just passing and with more of them approaching us, there is nothing like knowing about history.  I say this because getting in touch with the history of our country is refreshing!  The best application for this is called Today in History.


Christmas GuessBook

Christmas GuessBook

Santa Claus is coming to town, bringing gifts of fun and learning! 

Our educational app for toddlers is now available with a Christmas Songs

Christmas GuessBook: 25 beautifully illustrated Christmas sets and holiday sounds. 

Thanks to the random set generator, you may play it over 1000 times, and be sure that each play is individual. 

GuessBook app is toddler-tested and approved by them. Interface is designed for the littlest of fingers. GuessBook is sophisticated learning tool that engages your child and encourages exploration. 

HyperPhysics App Review


Sometimes you want to just kick back with a cool beverage of choice, and you know...? Do something crazy with your iPad!! Maybe something radical like: observe the conservation of angular momentum applied to a smooth body in motion as it turns ever more rapidly around it's center of mass. Huh, you say?!.. Ever see a skater speed up in a spin just by pulling in her arms? That's an application of exactly what I'm talking about, and you can learn a lot more about these interesting physics principles using the HyperPhysics app!

Get your own Animal Story Now !

Get your own Animal Story Now !

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App for the Little Ones - 'Nursery Rhymes Teacher' Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

App for the Little Ones - 'Nursery Rhymes Teacher' Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

A beautiful and colorful application designed to teach nursery rhymes to kids of preschool age. 

* Beautiful and colorful interface makes it fun to learn for kids. 

* Very easy to use. Kids can touch any part of the screen and it moves to the next page. 

* Recorded in a child's voice so kids can understand and learn easily. 

* Option to to turn on/off voice. 

* Designed by parents for kids keeping in mind the kids psychology. 


"Emma in Africa" children's Book Puzzle now available for iPad!

"Emma in Africa" is the first of a series of Book Puzzles, brought to you by the creators of the award winning and best selling Wood Puzzle apps. It's a simulated short children's book that combines amazing images, sounds, music and puzzles, keeping kids entertained with its multimedia approach to learning.
"Emma in Africa" is the interactive and educational true story about Emma, a fun and adventurous preschooler who travels the world while documenting and sharing her life experiences.
*Book is in two languages, English and/or Spanish.
*Includes audio on off feature, for reading along.
*10 classic and 10 shape puzzles!

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