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WeNowBuddy: We are now buddies!



The best thing about the app store is that there are so many to chose from.  Two of the biggest categories that continue to grow in the app store are social media, and games.  They are most definitely interchangeable for number one at times though.  What could possibly be an app that would be the best of both worlds?  A fusion of both.


Snap2PDF, Snap Into Action!




Ever start to feel like you are super unorganized?  The feeling can be overwhelming at times.  Whether you are a student still in school or a pre-occupied businessman, the Snap2PDF application may be the answer to your prayers!

IV Therapy Helper!



One of the best things about being obsessed with applications for the iPhone, is discovering new things and learning more about them.  Recently I was introduced to this application and learning about it was definitely a process, but worth it.  So if you want a challenge of learning about something new, check out this interesting IV Infusion Controller.


When you open the application, there are six options: Set Mode I, Set Mode II, Check Mode, Treatment Timer, Drop Factor and, Help. 


Historical Hysteria!





With the holidays just passing and with more of them approaching us, there is nothing like knowing about history.  I say this because getting in touch with the history of our country is refreshing!  The best application for this is called Today in History.


Do the, "Situation Shuffle!"




Whats better than keeping your brain moving, but playing a game at the same time?  Well, why don’t you try Situation Shuffle?  It’s a really fun game and challenging at the same time. 


RIP: Steve Jobs 1955-2011.

Celebrating the life of a legend.  Apple.com is calling on people to send stories of inspiration and life to the e-mail address listed on their website.




Magazine Organization 101!



Need an easier way to organize your subscribed magazines or your magazines of choice?  Well look no further than Magzter.  Quite frankly,  this application is innovative.  The main screen contains four main options: featured, new arrivals, categories, and search.


Learn Japanese, if you please!



Any fellow students out there with me?  I know that when school starts, I feel the pressure!  I always wonder what I can do to take my mind off school but still keep my mind sharp on the weekends!   Well check out this application.  It is perfect for beginners who want to learn a little bit of Japanese.  Learning a language is perfect for spare time during the school year because it keeps your mind sharp. 

We're playing BASKETBALL!




Ever wonder what its like to have a handle on European world of basketball?  Wonder whats going on in the European basketball world?  With Euro Basket 2011 you can do just that!


The home menu allows the user to pick their own team.  The team that you use, in this case France is considered your “favorite team” of course!  When selecting this, you can see when the games for that team are, who they are versus, and the time!

Transition Your Cooking From Summer to Fall with Fav Recipes!




Wondering how it is going to be possible to transition your summer cooking habits to those of the winter?  Well, with Fav Recipes, this is very possible.


This is a great application that allows the user to explore several different categories including: appetizers, coups, salads, seafood, chicken, beef, pork, lab, pasta, vegetarian, side dishes, and desserts.  With such a wide variety of cooking types, the ideas included are sure to tickle your fancy somehow. 


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