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The Return of the Styli: HAND Stylus


Ah, I remember fondly the good old days of Windows Mobile and the precision pointing of the stylus and so many fewer typos. Then came the iPhone and a whole new generation of nose miners emerged gooping up the screen with greasy fingers and worse. I for one am tired of gummy screens and applaud the resurgence of the stylus.

Now a stylus could be nothing more than a wad of aluminum foil, but thanks to Hand Stylus there is an attractive line of styli out there with your choice of colors. The array includes six different yummy, delicious colors from a sophisticated matte finish to classy glossy polish. Colors include black, red, green orange, magenta, and blue--something for everyone.

AOC 16" USB Portable LED Monitor

Every once in a while I get a gadget I can't wait to tell everyone about. That's the case with the AOC 16" portable USB powered monitor. It's a road warrior's dream come true with its light weight and portability. It works with both PC and MAC.

Once you have installed the appropriate driver, you just plug the provided USB cable into a port on your laptop and the other end into the mini USB port in the monitor, and bazingo, you are in business. For low power laptops, the supplied cable has two USB plugs and you simply use both to get the required power level.

The Griffin Beacon Remote Control


The Griffin Beacon is a universal remote control for IOS devices. You can pair an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with the unit via Bluetooth. The Beacon then converts the signals to Infrared to transmit to your TV.

After your devices are paired via Bluetooth the next step is to download the dijit app from the iTunes store. It's free. The Beacon's Bluetooth range is about 30 feet. It will stay connected for about 60 minutes and reconnect when you move back in range.

After 60 minutes, Beacon switches to low power mode to conserve battery life. Note that you can check the battery level in digit's Settings mode.

To reconnect, you must go through the Bluetooth pairing process, which is quick and seamless.

Griffin Smart Talk Solar



With more and more states getting on the bandwagon and making illegal to talk on a cell phone or text while driving, it's a good idea to have a safe solution that will allow you to talk hands free. Here comes Griffin Smart Talk Solar to the rescue.  I can't tell you how it makes me shutter when I see a soccer mom with a van full of kids yacking away on her phone. I don't even want to think about texting while you drive.

What makes Smart Talk special is that it is solar powered thus eliminating the unsightly and cumbersome power cord of other hands free devices. It comes with a clear plastic case with two suction cups that attach to the windshield, window, or dashboard.

Cellink U: a veritable Swiss Army Knife


What will Cellink U do for you? It's an amazing multifunctional Swiss Army Knife everyone will want to have in his or her pocket.

It's a power backup. If you run out of battery on your mobile device, Cellink U can come to the rescue. It will give you an extra 90 minutes of talk time. or two days of standby time. It is supposed to give your device battery a 40% charge boost. It can be used with phones, GPS, cameras, and other mobile devices.

New Bracketron Universal Car Mount


I am always in search of the perfect solution for mounting my phone while driving. Some solutions are better than others.

I am not overly fond of blocking my driving view on my windshield. I don't like to give up cup holder for mount space. I don't like covering up my A/C vents with a mount.

Bracketron's new universal mount uses the cigarette lighter or contact point port to hold a flexible neck mount that also charges your device.

It comes with a Micro USB cable, so if you use another kind of cable, you are on your own. This could add as much as $20 to the cost if you have an Apple product with those goofy connectors. There ought to be a law that everyone should use the same adapter and the same battery. It would be a better world.

New VoIP Adapter: free calls forever


Lose your landline, lose MagicJack. Get OBi100 VoIP adapter for $39.99 and make FREE calls over the Internet forever. It kinda bugged me when MagicJack raised their rates by 10 bucks a year to a captive audience this year. Well, here's something you can do about it. Get an OBi100 unit.

The Obi100 phone adapter plugs into your router for Internet connectivity. Then it makes calls using an interface like Google Voice. Of course you have to configure it to your Google Voice account or another service such as Sipgate, so it's not quite plug and play. But that's not a big deal.

Cord Cruncher: a must have


Sometimes throughout history, there have been significant inventions or discoveries that have changed the course of history such as the bow and arrow, the wheel, and beer. Sometimes they are so simple you hit yourself on the forehead and say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Well, I'm here to tell you that I discovered an invention that is so obvious, so simple, and yet so earth shaking that I had to say to myself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

It's the Cord Cruncher. I'm sure we've all been beyond frustration trying to untangle ear bud cords. No matter how carefully we may store them, they inevitably get all balled up in an inextricable mess. I've thrown away more than one spider web of interlocked cords.

RC Helo more fun than a barrel of monkeys



I have rarely had so much fun and so much frustration at the same time. Flying the Helo TC is not the easiest task in the world. It takes a little skill and a learning curve. The controls are delicate and you need some space to maneuver until you get your skills down pat.

Helo TC is a twin rotor remote control helicopter that is superbly engineered. It lights up like Ferris wheel and is sturdy as a house despite its seemingly delicate appearance. It would have to be tough to put up with the abuse I gave it learning to fly.

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