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XtremeMac Prototype charge boost prototype - CES


XtremeMac has a prototype of a cool in charge boost portable rechargeable battery pack.  It's conveniently attached to a keychain!  If you're on the go and notice that your battery is low, all you have to do is connect your phone to your keychain!  Unfortunately this product is just a prototype and not yet available.  Hopefully XtremeMac will decide to manufacture it for the masses.

WaterBlock by HzO can save your device from water damage


We've all had it happen to us... our most beloved device stops working (whether temporarily or permanently) due to water damage.  HzO has come up with a solution to this.  They have developed something called WaterBlock.  WaterBlock is a thin film nano-coating that provides an invisible layer of protection over vital electronic circuitry and when applied to clean, moisture-free surfaces, including plastic, metal, and ceramic, WaterBlock creates a finish that doesn’t disrupt aesthetics. It is transparent so until you need it, you may not even know it’s there.  It resists splashes, humidity, spills, body moisture – even submersion, depending on the degree of WaterBlock applied and the depth of submersion.

Cool new Alarm Clock - Renew SleepClock by GEAR4

The Renew SleepClock by GEAR4 is an innovative new alarm clock that enables you to precisely see, track, and adjust your sleep with your iPod, iPhone or iPad.  It allows you to compare data over time in order to sleep better (not just longer).


Check out this video for more information:

I am planning to write a more thorough review once I have tested the product out. 

New Attitudz earphones from Coby - CVE53


Coby has new earphones in 8 fun colors.  The 8 colors are called: Flirty (pink), Diva (red), Envy (green), Moody (blue), Stormy (black), Charming (orange), Mysterious (purple) and Daring (silver).

Seems like they are mostly being marketed towards women.  The earbuds are basic and they don't come with a mic, but they are comfortable and come in two sizes.  I tried a pair of the Diva-colored ones.  Sound quality was okay. 

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