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GreatShield's Bubble-Free Screen Protector


My experience with electronics tells me that when I get a new piece, I need to make sure there is a screen protector on it from day one.  Trouble is, Apple does not sell screen protectors for the iPad at their retail outlets.  That put me on a search for the best screen protector, but my search just brought up more questions. What’s the difference between those sold on EBay for 99 cents, and those sold through Wal-Mart for 19.99?  My experience with the lower quality protectors is a lot of bubbles on the main part of the screen.

Kids Learn while having fun


As a parent, it’s only natural for my kids to want to play with my Iphone.  That’s why I’ve been looking for some good apps for my 5 year old to play with that will help her to learn what she needs for school in a way that makes it fun for her to do so.  If you were going to only buy one app to do this, I would recommend the app by RosMedia called “123 Kids Fun All in One”

All in One has 8 different activities for kids to do that will stimulate their minds and keep them occupied without getting board with repetitive actions.  Children with this app will learn matching, sound recognition, colors, shapes, and also good han

Word of Promise Brings the Bible Alive


As a child I was raised to believe in God and go to church.  However when my parents were divorced I was left to continue my journey alone.  As a teenager I took the wrong path, and left the church.  It wasn’t until my 6 year old daughter brought me back to the church that I renewed my faith in God through the Holy Spirit, and  I vowed not to stray again.  Ever since that day I have been looking for a way to make it fun for my children to learn the bible and hear the word of God.

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