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Dmitriy Kogan has a B.A. in English from Hunter College. He is putting his degree to great use. He is currently working on his first novel, The Skylight Murders, and also performs stand-up comedy on the side. Read his personal blog at dimokogan.com.

Evaluating iTunes' Impact on the Music Industry


When it was first introduced, iTunes seemed to be the most logical answer to the heated controversy caused by widespread online illegal music downloads. According to NPD estimates, iTunes is currently responsible for 63 percent of all digital music sales, and is undeniably the United States' top music retailer.

Apple Climbs Back Up on Barron's List


After taking a plunge to number three last year on Barron's 'World's Most Respected Companies' list, Apple is now back at number one; this comeback is said to coincide with a revival in its shares, which Barron reported has gained more than 60 percent since the spring of 2013.

Are Most Games on the iPhone Really Worth It?


With the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, a new demographic of gamers was created that could only be paralleled by the release of Nintendo's Wii in 2006. The iPhone is now technically the highest-selling portable gaming device, and yet challengers such as myself will still come along and ask: are most iPhone games really worth the money that some developers are charging us?

It's Time for Writers to Embrace Creating With the iPhone


As an aspiring novelist, I'm always curious to see what tools other writers are using to work on their manuscripts. In his introduction to On Writing Well, William Zinsser partly lamented the rise of technology, because it made it far too easy for bad writers to publish their work.  On the other hand, he liked that technology also made it easier for good writers to publish their work.

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