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iPhone as a bike touring essential


I've been meaning to write for a while now about Scott Mullin's blog, PowerCycle, as he bicycles solo from Florida to Alaska, and specifically about how much gear his iPhone has replaced.  Last night my wife and I hosted four bike tourists on their way to DC, also with an iPhone, so I'll take that as a sign that it's time to write!

Help us make iPhone Life iPhone friendly!


 As a Web developer for the iPhone Life site, one of the projects on my to-do list is to make this site iPhone-friendly.  That sounds like it would be a top priority, but what with one thing or another it's been delayed.  Probably the most influential excuse is that the mobile Safari browser does a pretty good job of navigating the site without any adaptation.  But now it's becoming a top priority, and I'm realizing, I don't know which way to go about it would make the most people happy.  So I'm asking you!

Help me make my iPod my preferred music player!

Last week I posted all the reasons why I'm still using my Windows Mobile smartphone as an MP3 player instead of my 8GB iPod Touch.  It turns out that I was mistaken about who owns my device, and in fact there's nothing stopping me from buying accessories or software to make it the best it can be.  So now the question is, what should I buy? 

iPod Touch vs. Smartphone as MP3 player


I'm going on a long train trip from Kansas to DC next week to attend DrupalCon, and I've got a big audio book to listen to, but after some thought I'm planning to use my Windows Mobile smartphone instead of my iPod Touch to listen to it.  I thought I'd post my reasons here to see if some of you iPhone fans can help me change my mind!

Pandora delivers custom radio, for good or evil


A few years ago, I spent a year touring the continent on a bicycle, by myself.  As you might imagine, I spent many hours listening to the radio.  Bringing my music collection along was out of the question for space reasons -- the iPod and other MP3 players were still relatively new and expensive, so I hadn't bought one before the trip.  Satellite radio, same deal.  So when road noise threatened to drive me bonkers, I turned to the FM band.  And you know, there's just not

Rocky upgrade here at iPhone Life


 I'm posting partly just to apologize for the rough handling of this Web site for the past few days.  I did an upgrade to the Drupal software that powers our site, and a number of things did not go as smoothly as I would have liked.

I am also posting to try out some of the features that other bloggers have reported problems with, to see if they work in my own blogging account.  One complaint is that blog entries get truncated after just a line or so of text.  If you can read this, then I was unable to duplicate the problem.

Apple's iPhone Simulator almost as good as the real thing


I'm writing this post on an iPhone... not a real phone, but a simulated one that appears on my MacBook screen. it's about 50% larger than actual size, and it's very shiny and realistic looking. But most importantly, it looks and acts just like a real iPhone when it runs Safari.

App Store Web site crashes mobile Safari


I'm new to the iPhone and iPod Touch, so please let me know if I'm missing something obvious... but I just found that one of Apple's Web sites -- a site targeted to iPhone/iPod users -- crashes the mobile browser.  (I have already reported this problem to Apple.)

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