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Anjerika Wilmer is a full-time grad student and freelance writer who fancies all things digital. With her interests spanning from fashion and social media, to art history and travel, she leaves no avenue unexplored. Most importantly, Anjerika appreciates good design and believes that form always follows function.

The Steller App Revolutionizes Storytelling


While it’s true that a picture can tell a thousand words, sometimes the deeper story is left untold. For those instances, Steller (free) is here to help you share your story, passions, and inspirations. Stellar is unique in that it’s more than just a photo and video sharing app. Similar to Storehouse, Steller seamlessly combines photos, video, and text to document an experience, a moment, a life-changing trip, or anything else that speaks to you. Within just moments of browsing the stories of other users, you’ll quickly see that Steller isn’t your ordinary social media app.

THE Shopping App to Know: Spring is Here



After much anticipation, Spring (free) has finally arrived. The first of its kind, Spring is a fashion app that actually streamlines the online shopping process by allowing you to shop from the comfort of your iPhone. You can view products, “heart” them to save and browse later, or add them to your cart for instant buying gratification. The beauty of Spring is that it includes a marketplace of all your favorite high-end brands and designers in one place (think everything from Joie and Clare Vivier to Oscar de la Renta). 

4 Quirky Photo Editing Apps for the Instagram Obsessed


It’s safe to say that we live in an Instagram-obsessed society, where capturing the perfect shot is of utmost importance. From finding the perfect filter to adding text and awesome doodles, taking great photos is no longer as simple as pointing and shooting. With so many photo-enhancing apps on the market, it’s downright impossible to keep up with them all. But don't worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are four fun photo-editing apps for those instances when an Instagram filter simply won't do. 

4 Apps to Enhance Your Art Museum Experience


There are few experiences more enlightening than visiting a renowned art museum and exploring its collection. Art history aficionados can attest that there is nothing cooler than seeing the artwork you’ve studied all semester long in person. No surprise, in this day and age, museums have finally reached the point where a website is simply not enough for visitors. From interactive maps, exclusive videos, and a look at the current exhibits on display, these four museum apps are sure to complement your next museum trip.

See it, Buy it: Finding Fashion with ASAP54


How many times have you spotted someone impeccably dressed on the streets of New York, or any stylish city for that matter, and wondered where they snagged their amazing blouse or those undeniably chic flats? Would you flat-out ask the savvy individual where they shop, or would you let the moment pass by and hopelessly yearn for something that will never be? Well wonder no more. Thanks to ASAP54 (Free), the latest fashion-finding app to hit the scene, you never have to miss out on a major fashion moment again.

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