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iOS 7 to Expand Social Networks with Flickr & Vimeo Integration


The popularity of social networking sites and smart mobile devices are growing side by side, and 91 percent of mobile Internet usage now involves social media activities. Apple knows the importance of social media and has made it extremely easy for users to access and share to Facebook and Twitter directly from their iPhones, iPads, or iPods. With iOS 6, users can manage their social media accounts right from the settings menu.

Apple is keenly aware of the social sharing habits of its users, and with iOS 7, Vimeo and Flickr will get special treatment generally reserved for Facebook and Twitter. Twitter was the first to find a place in the heart of Apple's operating system—integrated with iOS 5—whereas Facebook had to wait for iOS 6. Mainly for users with Chinese settings, Apple also has integrated Sina Weibo. These features are immensely popular with Apple mobile users and the rumors that Apple may integrate other social media websites in future seem plausible.

How Should I Feel About Push Notifications?


Imagine a crowded party. A gallant young man fights his way through and reaches the bar. He gets a glass of champagne, makes his way back through the crowd without spilling a drop, and hands it reverentially to his date. She smiles and looks at him with approval. This is the sort of thing good push notifications do.

Imagine the same guy. He goes through all the same motions but comes back with a sticky, smelly goo and hands it over to his date. This bloke is a bad push notification. She turns and stalks away, affronted. 

Apple Making Big Mistakes — How Will it Affect iPhone App Developers?


Apple has gone through a number of ups and downs during the last three decades. The company has invented the most inspiring products, and it has launched quite a few products doomed to fail right from the start. But the success of the iPhone and iPad catapulted Apple to number one in the tech market. Steve Jobs' unique style of leadership and showmanship was the foundation on which the edifice of Apple's success rested.

But after Jobs' left the company, signs of decay began to appear: this is not to say Apple is not creating good products. The company is easily the best when it comes to creating premium smartphones and tablets. 

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