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I have been using Apple products for over 10 years and absolutely love iOS apps. I try to keep up-to-date with the latest and hottest apps so please let me know if I missed anything!

App Review: Stock Chartist for iPhone





Every now and then an application comes along that really shows off the potential for iPhone to contribute significantly to users’ lives in a new way.  Stock Chartist looks like it just may be one of those applications.

It’s a stock market tracking app, but Stock Chartist does more than provide a scrolling marquee.  It’s customizable in every conceivable way, giving users the opportunity to keep a close eye on their stocks’ performance anytime, anywhere, any way they’d like to. 


App Review: SquareUpMax for the iPhone


There’s no shortage of puzzle based games (or really, games in any genre) in the App Store.  Competition is fierce, and puzzle games are a perfect solution for getting the votes of the casual gaming crowd—a big portion of the mobile game-loving population.  SquareUpMax, from developers BroSoft, hopes to earn a piece of the pie.

SquareUpMax challenges players to reconstruct an arrangement of various geometric shapes, styled as blocks of wood and other objects, after an explosion has disrupted the pattern.  Players must reconstruct the pattern quickly, using the minimum number of moves to progress. 

App Review: Lamebo vs Zombie for iPhone




With the vast number of iPhone games available, it takes some doing for a game to get noticed—let alone be acclaimed.  And there’s no shortage of games with Zombies, who seem to be the undead-du-jour of mobile gaming at the moment.  Nonetheless, Swag Soft’s Lamebo vs Zombies manages to be an attention-grabber and better yet, worthy of a deeper look.  

App Review: Child’s Play in a Challenging New Free Game: Baby Jones



Graffiti Games and QUByte Interactive have recently launched a new game in the app store that’s free for a limited time.  This is a brand new concept, but designed to charm gamers with old-fashioned casual gaming flair.  Baby Jones is definitely poised to become the next addictive must-have game for those who want a decent pick-up-and-play option.  iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users with iOS 3.0 and up should all give this game a try.  

App Review: SpeedUpTV: Fully-loaded Video Player, File Viewer, Folder Manager & More


SpeedUpTV is a new highly rated video player for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, brimming with added features, from mix1009. With 4+ stars as of this review, it seemed time to find out what all the hype is about.  

As the name suggests, SpeedUpTV gives the user some control—actually, a lot of control—over playback speed.  Users can play back videos on their device from half the original rate of speed and up to twice as fast. While that’s the feature that the app pushes in its title, it offers a few pleasant surprises for those that expect nothing more.


iPhone App Review: ContactsXL 3 + Sync: Fully-loaded, Functional, Fun Contact Manager


When an app like ContactsXL3 + Sync from Jonathon Teboul hits the app store, one tends to wonder why it takes a third-party developer to provide iPhone users with this level of quality and functionality. 

ContactsXL 3 + Sync is a contact manager that blows the native app right out of the water.  Basically, the point of ContactsXL 3 + Sync is to do everything the native iPhone address book should do, but it doesn’t.  It’s also got some added extras you didn’t even know you were missing.    


iPhone App Review: Sticker Worlds: An Adorable Game Likely To Stick Around


Sticker Worlds, a new iOS application from developer Snepo Research, is designed to gently amuse little ones and occupy small hands. 

Five imaginative worlds provide the backdrop for children to build creative landscapes using brightly colored two-dimensional digital “stickers.”  Hundreds of items and characters let creativity spread its wings. 



Free iPhone Games to Kick Off your Summer!



Penny pinching is on everyone’s mind lately.  One way to save is to cut out entertainment—but why cut it out when you can have it for free?  For iPhone fans, App Store freebies are one ticket to having a good time without wearing out their wallets.  There are many quality games in the App Store that don’t cost a penny—like these!



iPhone App Review: Scrublist Simplifies Your Lists (and Your Life!)


If you can’t keep track of a grocery list on a scrap of paper, or a to-do list with too many options on your iPhone, Scrublist from p13development might just be the answer to your prayers.

                Clever, convenient, quirky:  Scrublist is a whole new take on list management via smartphone. First, you make a list… on paper.  You’re probably already doing that because dealing with a to-do or shopping list manager on your iPhone usually gives you a headache. Then, put down that pencil and pick up the phone and photograph the list you just wrote.  In Scrublist, your list photo becomes your list within the app no tedious typing required.


iPhone Game Review: Shadow Era


There are plenty of free multiplayer apps on the market, but all free games aren’t as equal in quality as they are in price tag. Shadow Era’s fan base is increasing exponentially for a reason—it’s one of those free multiplayer games that goes above and beyond expectations. This online trading card game, more commonly referred to as a TCG, is hard to put down. It is the type of game that will appeal to all ages, male or female. World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and Magic the Gathering were certainly inspirations for Shadow Era, but the game has its own personality and the differences are enough to make this a completely new strategic game.


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