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I have been using Apple products for over 10 years and absolutely love iOS apps. I try to keep up-to-date with the latest and hottest apps so please let me know if I missed anything!

App Review: Help Purple - A Colorful, Creative Adventure for iOS


Gameday, Inc. has presented gamers with a brand new adventure game goody in the App Store.  Help Purple is a cleverly constructed magical problem solving adventure that is chock-full of charm.

Elf Defense: A Beautiful Tower Defense Game is now on sale! $.99


Jelly Oasis has graced the iTunes App Store with a tower defense game which boasts the extremely unremarkable title of Elf Defense.  In fact, the title is so low-key that after playing the game, I almost wonder if they’re trying to hide their light under a bushel, because nothing else about this little gem is unremarkable and now on sale!

Review: Flick Sheep! Like Meadows, But Prefer Not To Step In Anything Smelly?


For anyone who has ever wondered how they would fare in a more pastoral setting, with innocent fluffy little sheep relying on you for their very survival, Orca Inc has devised a new game for you. Flick Sheep! examines that very quandary, all while challenging your brain and logic in colorful and fun ways.

iOS App Review: Piggies and Woogies: Natural Enemies


Piggy Woogy seems to operate on the premise that match-three games are way too easy and don’t feature enough lupine commandoes with their hearts set on eating you alive.  I have to agree.

Zombie: The Rescue--Tiptoeing Around Zombies


Zombies are everywhere. Somehow they’ve become the “it girl” of monsters and the app store is positively infested with them.  GOGN Entertainment recently launched their take on good-game-plus-zombies, Zombie: The Rescue, and I have to say, this zombie filled casual puzzler is a winner.

iGLASSES: Simple, Funny, Free



iGLASSES, a free app recently launched by Green Cloud, offers iOS users that fancy themselves comedians a quick, fun way to transform their photos into something funny.

There’s no real way to make the app sound more complex than it is.  You use iGLASSES to add virtual eyeglasses to the subjects of your pictures.  There’s a huge variety of glasses to choose from, and all of them are good for a giggle.  They range from goofy sunnies to absolutely bizarre eggs sunnyside up, from shutter shades to geeky plastic frames, and everything in between. 


HUDY Pro: Sleek, Simple Solution for Speed Demons



The HUDY Pro application by BroadCON can help transform any windshield into a vehicle command center using HUD – or “Heads-Up Display.” Your vehicle’s display can rival that of any luxury, top-of-the-line car’s with the swipe of a finger.

Planner S, “Social Diary” Merges Friends and Functionality in a New Way



A social networking integrated calendar app?  That’s what AKAON seems to have launched in the App Store.  I was skeptical, but the more you play with Planner S, the more sense it makes. It’s own kind of quirky sense, to be sure, but sense.



Game Review: Fantasy Defense is Fantastic!


Fantasy Defense is a tightly constructed tower defense game that’s almost instantly addictive, thanks to some awesome enhancements.

The back story is familiar enough. Once upon a time, there was an evil king.  A monster king. A Wraith King, even.  This bad guy terrorized the human population with a stunning assortment of monsters until some heroes sealed him up.  Of course, sealing up isn’t obliterating, so there was bound to be trouble later.  Enter the player, and get to monster smashing. 


Gogo Sushi Review: Keeping it Fresh



Ozgnahc, Inc. brings us a game with a presently unwieldy title in the App Store: Gogo Sushi Tap Tap Tycoon Fun Game App of Speedy Touch. We’ll be referring to it as Gogo Sushi for short.

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