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iAudition VoiceRecorder App Review


iAudition is an application designed for recording using the iphone, ipod, or ipad.

Snugg iPad Case Review


The most important part of caring for your iPad is a good case.  By adding a case to your device, adds the assurance of protection against all the elements of life.  Snugg has extremely nice idevice cases and accessories.  They have very protective and attractive iphone and ipad cases that I use very often.  They also sale accessories for about any type of tablets or kindles you may need.  If you need an accessory for one of these devices I would visit their site www.thesnugg.com.

RAT STAND for iPad Review


The RAT stand is a telescopic, no knobs, or small pieces to lose type stand.  It can be used for many different occassions or activities. It works for both the ipad versions.  This is one of the most versatile stands on the market today.   I have been amazed at just how many different occassions I have been able to use the stand.  Though it has many different uses being a teacher I can use this stand daily at school.

Bracketron Universal Window Mount


If you have an iPhone you have a built in GPS.  Why not use this application right at your fingertips.  there are many different applications available in the app store that do a great job turning the iphone into a GPS.  Even if you don't need a GPS you need a way to hold your iphone while you drive.  It makes using the iphone very simple.  The Brachetron Universal window mount featuring Grip-it is the only mount I have found that will hold the iphone securely inside an Otterbox case.  Many companies make great mounts for the iphone but they can't be used with a case.  Hello, how many users like to walk aroun

The Joy Factory Tournez C-Clamp Mount for iPad 2



The Joy Factory iPad 2 C-Clamp mount allows the user to secure the ipad 2 to any hard surface.  I have had the privilege of using this mount and it is great.  It makes using te ipad 2 in ant location much simpler.  I enjoy using my ipads 2 in many different locations.  This device allow me to always have it positioned the way I want.  I don't have to worry about knocking it off the table or desk.  It is always securely positioned to my best viewing position. 

Blogsy App Review Nice!!




I have enjoyed blogging for many years.  I think most most people will agree with this statement.  Most people's first website is a blog or a static site built on the wordpress frame.  I started my adventure blogging before the ipad was developed.  I am always looking for ways to improve my sites or blog.  Today we are moving toward icloud development and more people are using the ipad and tablets.  This seems to be the trend we are in now.  Therefore, I believe developers are starting to develop more applications to fit this style.

iOS BloodPressure Monitor Withing's




We all can improve the way 

we eat or get more exercise. Does any of this sound familiar?  Well, I'm not here to lecture you like a doctor. I do have a way you can improve your health. It even includes being an iDevice user.  Withings, has the smart blood pressure monitor.  It monitors the blood pressure using an idevice.  Maybe you need an excuse to get that new iPhone 4S. 

LifeProof iPhone Case: Five Stars!


We all like to protect our iPhone from all the elements of life. Well now there is a case just for that called LifeProof. Now if we could buy one large enough to protect ourselves from life. LOL. I have been using this case for a couple weeks now and I'm impressed with its overall function and protection. I don't think I'll be taking calls at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean anytime soon.

Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset


Plantronics Voyager Pro is one of the nicer Bluetooth on adapters available on the market. When I first began using the Voyager 

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