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Diff Case iPhone Offers Privacy lid, Kickstand, Tripod Mount and More


Have you ever tried using your iPhone in the sun? This can be a very frustrating task. However, the Diff case offers protection from 

the sun. The Diff case has a lid for shade which can be used to block the sunlight or used as a kickstand. The Diff Case can be extremely helpful to a photographer. It can be attached to a tripod in both portrait and landscape position.  The Diff Case makes taking video and still shots a breeze.


Ever Dream of Creating Your Own iPhone Application?


Have you ever thought about creating your own iPhone application? Now there's an application available in iTunes called Appatista that makes this possible for those not so experienced in programming -- and, best of all, it's free!  It's now simple to turn your favorite blog, website, or any other content into an iPhone application in minutes. Simply name your app, design an icon, assign it an RSS feed and you have a functioning iPhone application. Needless to say, you can't create very complex interactive games. But let's face it, we probably weren't interested in creating anything very complex in the beginning anyway.

The Solution For Our Cleaning "Solution"



The best “solution” for a clean screen (Pun intended). This is an awesome way to keep your screen clean as well as disinfected. The solution inside the bottle is an antibacterial solution which kills 99.9% of all bacteria for up to 24 hours. It is a non-drip formula and antistatic which cleans like no other. The great thing about cleaning with Antec Advance solution is the lack of an ammonia smell. We have all cleaned our computer screens or keyboards with a disinfectant only to realize that it chokes us so bad we can’t stay in the room.  So now we turn the fan on to blow the smell to our friendly “neighbor”.

Great Sound Quality: V-Moda Vibrato Review


Did you know that not all headphone drivers are created equally? 


Wirelessly Rock With iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Laptop via USB or Bluetooth


The Logitech Wireless Speaker is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and all Bluetooth devices. It is compatible with Mac or Windows software, allowing users to rock out with their laptops or Bluetooth devices. When using the Logitech speaker with a laptop it does include the USB adapter needed to connect. For use with the iPad, it's a simple plug-and-play wireless speaker. There's no software to install; you can start listening right away. The device comes with its own soft carrying case, making it easy to transport the speaker to any destination. The speaker is powered with three AAA batteries, but it also includes the power cord needed to plug into a power outlet.

PONG iPad Case: Review



The Pong ipad 2 case is one of the world’s only cases which protects the user from radiation. This does not affect the 3G performance for the device in any way. The Pong iPad case is optimized for the 3G user as well as Wi-Fi. Some users may be concerned with radiation exposure from using the iPad or any idevice. If that is a concern here is a way to protect you and maintain performance.


Top Photography Apps For Perfect Holiday Photos


Here are a few of the camera and photography apps I consider to be the best.  There are few limitations with these applications added to any iDevice.  The list consist of:

1: CP Pro -$1.99

2: Pro Camera -$2.99

3. PhotoGene- $2.99

Mosy Mount Tripod Adapter Case: Review



Many of the iPhone tripod mounting solutions only work for the iPhone 4, and/or require the iPhone be used without a case.  This leaves the iPhone exposed to unwanted harm.  The Mosy Mount features a pocket friendly low profile design making it attractive & convenient – it’s always there when you need it, but not in the way when you don’t.

Kensington Wi-Drive: Review



Kingston Wi-drive is a portable, wireless storage for Apple products and other devices. The Wi-drive comes in 16 GB or 32 GB options. I think if you're going to purchase extra storage I would definitely go for the bigger 32 GB version. The reason being is it's only about $20 extra dollars and it's well worth it. The Kingston Wi drive is very simple to operate and connect to your network. Simply download an application from the App Store onto the Apple device that you're going to be using and it will walk you through the installation with ease.


Sena Bluetooth Keyboard: Review


The Sena folio bluetooth keyboard case has its own integrated Bluetooth keyboard.  This is a great way to turn the iPad 2 into a notebook. Using the Bluetooth keyboard with the folio style case allows the user to have many  laptop  features. The keyboard has many great keyboard buttons such as a brightness,  volume, lock, and play, rewind/fast forward for controlling music/video.  The keyboard is very compact but doesn’t cramp the user while typing.  I really liked the larger space bar.  This has been a problem on several other keyboards I have used.  The keyboard includes all the functions of a full sized keyboard as well.

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