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Lion 10.7.4 Update Reveals More Evidence of Retina Display Macs


We've heard rumors of Apple possibly introducing a Retina display Mac for quite some time now. They set the benchmark for display resolutions when the new iPad was given a Retina boost.

Now there's more evidence surfacing of a Retina enabled Mac...

Mac App Store Hits 10,000 Apps!


For the most part, we’re all well aware that the App Store is a pretty big deal. With over 500,000 apps and counting, it’s grown to be of great value to iOS devices. But you may not realize that the Mac App Store is making some substantial growth as well…

Apple is “10 Years Behind Microsoft In Terms Of Security”


Since the outbreak of the Flashback Trojan many have had reasonable concerns for their security when it comes to a Mac. The Mac has been overly known for being safe from viruses, malware, and other computer issues.  Lately it seems as if that level of  security has been compromised.

Kaspersky, the anti-virus company that helped in the removal of the latest Flashback Trojan, says the Mac isn't safe anymore...

The iPhone is Killing Nintendo


It's no shock that the App Store is a pretty happening place for gaming. With over half a million Apps available, the sought after and next generation games in the App Store most certainly compete with the likes of handheld consoles. Nintendo is one of the companies falling

from the success of the iPhone. As Apple builds its unintentional gaming empire, Nintendo suffers on the sideline.

It looks like there's no more Green Mushrooms for Mario...

Yellow Hue Issues Reported with New iPad Displays


We’ve heard this before. It’s happened with iPhones, iMacs, and now it looks like the new iPad has been having some color issues. This has actually been going on since its release, and the forum thread on Apple’s Support communities has been rapidly growing with over 43,000 views and 410 replies…

The New iPad is Coming to 11 more Countries This Week!


One month after its widely successful launch, it looks like another handful of countries are getting the new iPad.

The demand for Apple‘s third generation tablet has been insane, but Apple has continued to keep up on the supply.

On Friday April 20th, the new iPad will be released in the following countries...

French Designer's "Revolutionary" New Project is Just an Apple Store... [UPDATE It's a Yacht]


News broke earlier today about renowned French designer Philippe Starck’s radio interview, saying he was working on a “revolutionary” new project with Apple. Quickly many began to speculate what this new Apple-born project could be. It's also important to note that it was called a "project" not a "product"...

Verizon to Charge $30 Upgrade Fee Starting April 22nd... Really?


Oh great… Here we go again. Looks like Verizon is retaliating against the backlash they received a while back for attempting to charge a $2 online bill pay convenience fee.

Now it appears that starting April 22nd, we will have to pay an extra $30 on top of the phone price to upgrade. Man… I thought I was with the “cool” carrier this whole time. I guess they're just joining everyone else.

Currently Sprint and AT&T have fees associated to their upgrades. But honestly, the reasoning Verizon has for the new upgrade fee is completely ridiculous:

Done with Instagram Now that Zuckerberg Owns it? Don't Forget to Save Your Photos!


Yesterday Facebook announced their $1 Billion acquisition of the popular photo sharing app, Instagram. While this is great for the founders of Instagram, many hipsters and amateur photographers are already grieving over their loss...

Instagram Sold for $1 Billion to Facebook


Facebook just announced they are purchasing the popular iPhone photo sharing app Instagram. Facebook has struck a deal with Instagram to acquire the company for $1 Billion in a mix of cash and stock shares in Facebook. That's a LOT of money...

Mark Zuckerberg made a post stating he is committed to building up Instagram independently of Facebook, and that it will not be integrated with Facebook’s social network.

Check out the full post below:

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