CES 2014: Wireless Everywhere!

Darn near everything I saw last night at the CES pre-shows in Las Vegas included some kind of wireless. Wireless watches and fitness products galore, wireless bicycle handlebars, a real wireless basketball which tracks your shot-making skills in the cloud (which will be another post entirely.) To put it succinctly, I was wirelessly wowed! I did manage to find a few items that were not so wirelessly connected, but still very cool...

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I have to give some big love to the iDAPT guys (who were showcasing several innovative products at DE this year). A brand new dock called the i4w, an add-on charger module which adds an inductive charging plate to older models, several revolutionary universal device mounts/stands, and a "stackable" charge system called the Modulo. You stack up the small chargers and cumulatively they produce enough amperage to charge an iPad, then break em down again when you need just a trickle for the family iPhones. Very cool!

I was wowed by the amazing screen image picture quality (a tech-enabling prototype) on display in the Dolby booth called Dolby Vision. You probably know that Dolby has been a titan in the area of audio and sound signal enhancement. They are showcasing a game-changing hardware/software display technology which is gaining traction in both the CE and motion picture industry (a commercially produced Sharp display is purportedly at the show as well). The rep there demonstrated in stunningly beautiful clarity how the rich and full color of an HD motion picture can truly be experienced (screen on the right), by minutely manipulating the light emitted instead of merely increasing pixel density. Even our mobile devices may enjoy significant screen viewing improvements through the adopted use of Dolby Vision!

If you want to sound good on Karaoke night, this digital karaoke kit from Sing Trix is definitely for you. It can enhance your voice into just about any sound, including that of Barry White, a robot, or a chipmunk. Coupled up with the Sing Trix app, mic, mic stand, and a 100Watt speaker (all included), you can belt some seriously impressive vocals at your next big party. Designed by two music industry professionals that also worked on products like Guitar Hero, this digital Karaoke kit is only $299. Now you can finally do a proper job hitting those high notes on your favorite song, and without scaring the cat...

More great CES coverage to follow, so stay plugged in here at iPhoneLife!

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