Win an iPod Touch by finding the Easter Eggs in Star Walk!

VITO is having an Easter egg hunt contest (requires the Star Walk astronomy program) through April 13th, 2009. Prizes include an iPod Touch, and Apple Store gift cards. Continue reading for the full press release...

*Find the Easter Eggs hidden in Star Walk.*

Whoever said that Easter Eggs are only for eating, was wrong!  We have 9 “virtual” Easter Eggs  hidden and waiting for you in the Star Walk sky.  These eggs will not give you indigestion or make you put on weight, on the contrary… If you have our Star Walk application and are between the first 3 people to find all of these eggs you will be eligible to win an iPod Touch.  For those of you that don’t manage to find all of them, there are plenty of other Apple prizes to win.  If you don’t have Star Walk, but would like to play the “virtual” Easter Eggs challenge, please click here

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This is a little tip to get you started:
'It gets up when is dark'

More tips will be published regularly on our blogwebsite  and Star Walk facebook group page to help you find them. Check them out, solve the rebuses: every correct answer to the rebus gives the right location of our Easter Eggs.

*How to claim your prizes:*
write us (alexATvitotechnologyDOTcom) email telling us how many, where and what you found and why you think they were put there. For all of our Easter Eggs there is a reason behind!
Include your contact details and we will make sure your prize reaches you by Easter!


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