What I Read this Week - Great Scott Sigler Reads on iBooks!

If you love great science fiction with a fantastic plot, world-building menagerie, and a breadth and depth of alien life forms that are nothing less than astonishing, you should read Scott Sigler. If you love sports of any kind (particularly football), you also should read Scott Sigler. If you wonder if you could ever enjoy stories combining these seemingly unconnected genres (sports and sci-fi), you can and you will if you read... Scott Sigler's Galactic Football League series of ebooks! Read on for a full breakdown!

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I am not a writing critic. I am a blogger. A blogger who mainly writes about Bluetooth speakers, iPad cases, apps, games, and other goofy gadget-related subjects. However, I am a science fiction fan of the Asimov cult, which means I am picky and quite nerdy about my sci-fi. I devour stuff by Niven and Pournelle and writers of their ilk. I like BIG, THICK sci-fi stories chock full of technical details. But mostly, I like a good sci-fi story with big space opera concepts and shooting action too (I want it all). I have no hesitation when I say Sigler's stories are "all systems go" on all fronts. They have galactic space intrigue, adventure, action, combined perfectly with grid-iron drama and locker room dynamics. Having played competitive sports back in high school and the military, I must recommend these books. They are also affordable and suitable for younger readers. If you are even remotely into sci-fi or sports novels, you really need to check them out. You won't regret it.

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1. The Rookie ($4.99)- Follow rookie QB Quinten Barnes in his first GFL season with the Ionath Krakens as he goes up against 600lb Ki and HeavyG defensive lineman that can kill or injure with a single hit and often do!

2. The Starter ($.4.99)- Taken under the wing of veteran Krakens QB Don Pine, Quinten is learning to lead his multi-species team. But can he overcome his own xenophobia, prejudice and even squeamishness to do so (literally to break bread with some members of the team may require one to bite into a live alien critter, yum)...?

3. The All-Pro ($4.99)- Follow Quinten's meteoric attempt to be one of the leagues best, but there are forces (mostly alien) that are working to destroy everything he has worked hard to achieve, not all of them on the football field.

4. The MVP ($4.99)-The final battle on many levels. This book so fabulously wraps up the series, I can't even say in words how good it is!

Update! Erm, I screwed up... There are actually 7 books in the series. I admit I have yet to check out the 3 novellas that accompany the main titles mentioned above (which I will soon remedy once I finish Infected), but you can check out all of Scott's iBooks titles here (or get them from his web-site here). Again, my apologies, but nevermind that and go grab these books now!


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