What I played this week - Slotz Racer, Destructopus, and Nu!

This week, I discovered a slot car racing experience (called SlotZ Racer) which is about the most fun I have had playing games on the iPod touch (the developers really nailed it). Another fun distraction has been Destructopus, a scrolling smash-n-duck monster attack. Finally, not strictly under the "what I played" category, but figured I would close out with a mini-review of the social news reader called nu.

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SlotZ Racer

First, if you were (are) a fan of slot car racing, then you have to try out SlotZ Racer. A little pricier at 4.99, and not a new title--been on the app store for some time--but you are likely to love it! It is very close to what I remember: The cars move and react like real slot cars. You can create your own tracks, or play a bunch of pre-configured ones. Several modes of play are featured (single, multiplayer, etc.), and you can also compete in championships.



Destructopus is a stupid game, but that's exactly why I recommend it! A fun, stupid game is still fun. You control a towering pseudopod that seems hell-bent on biting and clawing through buildings, people, planes and any other human defenses that dare stand in his way. You move forward, chopping and biting until you reach the endangered animals your monstrous avatar feels compelled to free. Free title for a limited time.



Touted as somewhat a Flipboard for iPhone, the nu app admittedly has a few similarities with the excellent reader, but to really live up to this lofty goal will require some additional code. Clearly there are a ton of apps aimed at RSS integration for Facebook and Twitter users. This has left other RSS reader fans out in the cold. What about Google reader integration? OPML? If you are a Facebook user, you probably won't have a problem with this, and the app is after all free.

Nu breaks your RSS feeds out into channels or "magazines" similar to Pulse or Flipboard. There are several pre-configured selections available, but noticeably absent are selections like YouTube. If you are a Facebook user, you can create your own custom magazine.

Nu breaks a feed into a flip-able horizontal series, and one can quickly expand a post by tapping on the text, which connects to the feed source in an expanded view. It is an effective reader for the smaller screen of the iPod touch or iPhone. I would like to see more integration for services outside of Facebook, and the ability to add custom RSS feeds (at least I didn't locate one), though you can request new additions be added to the catalog via an e-mail function.

Grab any of these apps at the links posted above, and stay tuned to our blogs for more great app and accessory coverage here at iPhoneLife!

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