What I played this week: Jelly Defense!

Definitely not another typical tower defense game, Jelly Defense is unique in both design and concept. The graphics are incredibly well conceived, bright and colorful. The sound is similarly intoxicating, but in a weird yet compelling way. I can't remember playing a TD game with this much flare. Enough with the colorful adjectives, and on to the review.

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Basically, the point is to protect your treasure from the advancing hoards of Red/Blue Jelly things that are determined to get to your goodies (shiny green circle area) and make off with them. Your defense systems are keyed to fire at certain color enemy, though the cheapest tower shoots at both red or blue. As invaders are expunged, they leave behind credits you need to grab quickly to build more or upgrade towers.

Occasionally, a power up will drop on the screen, and like collecting credits, you need to snap it up quickly. You can apply power-ups to select areas during play for a boost. You need to be judicious in your placement and selection of towers in JD. Merely piling on towers is probably not enough--create a mesh of several varieties.

With the artful graphics captured in a game like JD, I wondered exactly how the developer arrived at the concepts behind the oddball theme of the game. I will investigate and post back up here, as I like it, and hope more Jelly universe games are coming. The game is 88M in size, and I had no trouble downloading the developer beta or the final version, or running it on my iPad 1.

There are a number of applications available with the Jelly theme (from Infinite Dreams), on the app store. Another notable Jelly game is Jelly Invaders, which is a take from the classic Space Invader genre, but with Jelly characters. If you want more of the weird graphics up in your grill first thing in the AM, there is even a Jelly clock app. You can grab Jelly Defense here, or simply do a "Jelly" search in iTunes...


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