What I played this week - Here a clock, there a clock!

Clock apps are popping up all over, and though I didn't have much time this week (pun intended) to play my 2 current fav games in the app world--namely Jet Car Stunts, and Pinball Magic (alas, I completed all the tracks in Paper Racer)--I did have time to check out 2 new clock apps and a cool flying game. Globaclock is an interesting way to keep world time zones straight, and Talking Jelly Clock is just, well weird. Breitling Reno Air Races is mucho 3-D racing fun...!

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Globaclock is a $1.99 app that is in no way sophisticated. No 3D animations, no weird noises or sounds. No advertising or other funny business either. However, it does serve a useful purpose. You can monitor the time zone simultaneously in any number of major cities. The hour hands of the clock are indicated by text line with the name for each city. The minute and seconds are relegated to the outer band (a kind of progress bar). Not much to it, but then it does what it purports to do, and I might say in a very efficient manner. One simple screen. You can tweak a few settings (add/edit cities, change fonts, etc), and set multiple alarms.


Talking Jelly Clock is like going to a weird planet to find that the sun is actually a big freaky clock in the sky, except it's all happening on your iPad screen, and you find that you can't look away, no matter how hard you try (and I tried). It's a freebie (with advertising), which also cleverly counts down the days until the release of the next Infinite Dreams major release (Jelly Defense). You can't tell the time in multiple time zones or even multiple planets for that matter, but you'll know when the new release is available. The background changes, and you can catch a glimpse of the strange new animated jelly characters that inhabit ID's new "Jelly" games.


Bonus tidbit: Actually did get a chance to squeeze in a few games of Breitling Reno Air Races, a 3-D flyer that allows you to race live against other opponents. Not only is it hard and fun, but pretty realistic, and totally FREE!! I'll be posting back up a review when I get some time to do so, but you can grab it at links posted above...

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