What I Played this Week - Gobble Edition!

Three cool titles helped me to overcome a triptophan and carb coma this past week. One of them was an actual zombie-style turkey shoot called Gunner Z (free with many IAPs). The second was a free tunnel race called Boost 2 ($1.99). Finally a platform defense hybrid called Forces of Nature ($0.99). All three made for a delicious gobble weekend of time killing fun!

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Gunner Z is a 3D zombie kill game that is near perfection. Excellent graphics and sounds that were a touch laggy in spots on the iPad mini, but with some very fun twists to the aim-and-kill genre. Gunner bugs you too much about upgrades (and acts really slow and wonky if you aren't connected to the internet), but it is a freemium effort. Buying a handful of gold BX for 99 pennies is worth it to shut up the ads. The latest update adds actual zombie turkeys to shoot at...Very apropos for Thanksgiving!

Up next is the simplest and likely most addicting tunnel race (really just racing by yourself) game you will find on the App Store. Boost 2 is free; and though the concept is simple (fly through endless twisty courses avoiding obstacles), it never seems to get boring, just faster, as you run across boost powerups that send you hurtling at double speed. Get 2000 points in a run to unlock survival mode (or just buy it through IAP). Multiplayer is now also supported!

Finally we have Forces of Nature, a sort of hybrid platform defense game where you use your sprout and his deployed pod creatures to defend against advancing robot destroyers that want to kill your home tree. The game utilizes cute yet kid-friendly visuals of plants chomping or zapping robots, and vice versa. It's fun and kind of goofy at the same time. the first version kept crashing, but it was fixed with a recent patch.

Check out these great titles at the links above, and don't forget to check in regularly at iPhone Life for the best news, reviews, and tips and tricks this holiday season!

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