What I Played This Week - Block Warfare: Zombies!

If you’ve been playing Minecraft, and had the thought one day, "Wow, I suddenly wish I had a gun and some ammo and could also run around shooting pixelated Zombies,” thenBlock Warfare: Zombies ($1.99) is definitely your app of the week! You can build blocky worlds to trudge around in, but for the sole purpose of defending them from advancing hoards of, well, block zombies.

Also check out the new endless runner Worm Run ($0.99), just released by PlayStation GameJam finalist, Golden Ruby Games.

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When you start up Block Zombies, it presents you with several thematic preloaded worlds to choose from. Snow, for example, looks like a blocked-out version of say a mountain lodge with surrounding pine trees complete with snow-covered boughs. You might admire the pixel-shod scenery, but suddenly, blocky-looking zombies attack you! You must attempt to shoot them down one by one in typical first-person shooter gameplay fashion. 

The game provides a soft d-pad for movement, and you can either lay down fire or build a block defense to stop the advancing zombie hoards (or just build a high enough perch to pick them off one-by-one).

You get several reloads in the game, but eventually you are prompted to do an IAP for more ammo. Go into the "gun lodge" for protection from Zombie attack or just get some relief (shooting zombies with an 8-bit sniper rifle is hard work, after all), and you can upgrade your weapons there. Weapon upgrades are also sprinkled throughout the game worlds.

BZ is a multiplayer game, and thus also offers the online option of logging in to a game server and teaming up with other would-be zombie killers. When block zombies attack (should be a movie), they cause a red pulsing on-screen to indicate damage. Too much zombie touching and you die, of course (or maybe your avatar's bits go into making a new in-game zombie...think about it).

Worm Run

While I haven’t had time to check it out, I intend to try Golden Ruby Games’ new endless runner, Worm Run. You play the role of a jetpack-toting janitor in space, constantly pursued by an all-devouring space worm. You can check out the game in the trailer below. "Relentless Worm" might have been a more fitting title...

That's it for this week's WIPTW game review. You can grab the apps mentioned in this review at the App store links posted above. Make sure to check back to our blogs regularly for the best in news, reviews, tips and tricks on all things iOS, and to really stay in the know, grab an iPhone Life magazine subscription!


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