What I played this week - and mophie workbook review

Under embargo not to reveal too much information on a new game from Infinite Dreams called Jelly Defence, which been playing this week quite a bit--am allowed to post  up a short video teaser which can give you an idea after the break. TD isn't my fav way to waste time, but must say this game is looking good in it's beta form. I think it has the potential to be a hot App store commodity, but will have to see what the final version is like. I also got to check out a great iPad executive-style case called the workbook from mophie. Read on for mophie WB highlights (and the video on JD).

...get more JD info (and sign up for the beta) at the vendor site here...

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mophie workbook review

The mophie workbook folio case provides comfort, style and flexibility. I would not classify this case as overly protective, though--the edges of your device could still be damaged in an impact, even when fully closed--it provides pretty good protection from casual bumps and mishaps. It is however very adaptable, not to mention attractive.

The workbook comes in a range of colors, and the faux leather is supple without feeling too cheap or flimsy. The design of the case gives it a bulk that requires an elastic band along the front to keep it fully closed when not folded out (you simply wrap it around the other edge). The open sides do provide easy access to all iPad controls and ports.

What would a modern iPad case be that can't flip to whatever form required for input, eh? You can flip the WB around to type on the screen (e.g. low angle), and several upright positions for watching videos, browsing, or typing from an external keyboard are also possible, as it adjusts easily for practically any viewing angle. A small velcro tab inside that holds iPad in place also serves as a catch to anchor the case when propped, and it feels surprisingly sturdy when sitting thus.

The workbook, like many mophie products, is a good quality product, and well designed for iPad, though the version I reviewed here is for iPad 1G. There is now a newer version of the case for iPad 2 as well. This is a stylish and professional-looking way to transport and use your iPad especially on the go. My only gripe is the price on the version 1 product could stand to drop a bit, but both are around 50 bucks. You can grab either at the links above...



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