What I played this week - Trigger Fist and Flight!

This week, I played 2 great games that are very different, but both great fun. Trigger Fist is a combat game that you will both love and hate. Hate it because like real combat, it's so easy to get killed, but love it because it's so freaking cool!! Cool enough to warrant an iPhoneLife video demo, also included in this review. The other game I played the week, Flight, is a simple 2D-scroller recreating the fun and nostalgia of paper airplane flight.

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Trigger Fist is going to be one of my favorite games this year, if not the favorite. As shooter games go, it is excellent in every sense. Realistic combat environs, and better than average control options, particularly when it comes to turning around and keeping track of enemy and friendly positions (which is critical in this game).

The realism should not be understated. In many similar games, it is predictable to learn game enemy patterns after a few tries, but TF really feels as chaotic as the real thing. Fire and cover discipline is therefore key. You move, find cover, crouch, lay down controlled bursts of fire at enemy, reload, move, (maybe toss grenade) repeat, wash, rinse, etc. If you get into this pattern, you will start to rack up kills and wins. If you just run out shooting wildly about like a noob (which I did), you will be cold and dead on the virtual floor in something like 5 seconds.

The controls are par excellente for an iPad or iPhone game. It is still frustrating to get killed from outside of the field of view (which happens a lot when you lollygag around like I do sometimes). The radar in the upper right corner helps a lot, so you need to learn to keep one eye on it--keep tab on friendlies, and enemy direction and distance at a glance.

You can customize the controls to your own preference, and as you progress through the different challenges, you earn experience points to grab upgrades to personal protection, and weaponry. The game also offers several team and single player modes of play. You and real life buddies can team up over Bluetooth, or you can team up with players on the internet (or just go up against computer-controlled bad guys). You can try FFA (free-for-all) mode, if you like getting fragged even quicker. Whoever racks up the most kills, wins.


Flight is a flash game ported to iOS. Never played it, but I take it that the original was pretty cool. The iOS game version has a few enhanced features and graphics. Mostly, the game is about getting the longest paper airplane ride out of a swipe across your iOS screen (which launches the plane). Stars earn you points, so you want to try to grab as many as possible en route. An occasional paper bird or similar power-up will zoom by for the grabbing.

You can also purchase upgrades via your bonus points from each round or through in app purchases. Power-ups allow you to steer your plane, make it lighter or give you an extra boost. You can upgrade to better paper models to enhance your flight times as well.

Don't wait to grab either Flight or Trigger Fist. Both games are a blast, and worked flawlessly on both my iPod touch and iPad. Grab them at the links above, and remember to check back regularly to iPhoneLife.com for the best in iOS news, reviews, tips, and more!

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