What I am playing this week - rRootage Online and Magic Defenders!

Working on a couple of reviews, but wanted to get the word around about two newer titles am trying out this week and also admit to playing SlotZ Racer for more hours than I should have. rRootage Online HD is a top-down, scrolling shooter port of a game originally from legendary programmer Kenta Cho. "Shoot-N-Squirm" from a hail of bullets might be an apt description. Magic Defenders is yet another Tower Defense, but with a wizard manning the watch... Read on to check out the videos and get the gory details...

Magic Defenders

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Simple... Tower Defense in a magic kingdom. You are Wizard. Wizard must defend castle with spell. Use spell over and over... But wait!  Orcs come faster and faster. What's should a wizard do? Better direct the spell attacks, that's what! Oh, and upgrade his spell kit, of course. Decent graphics, effects, and pretty good music. Review cometh!


rRootage Online HD

Couldn't improve on the AppSpy.com video review of the free non-HD version below, so added it for reference. Now you can enjoy the shooter from hell in HD on iPad and iPhone for 99 cents!

What ya waiting for..? Scared of a few billion projectiles flying at your "sort of cylinder-like futuristic thingamabob" (aka your ship)? SlotZ Racer been mentioned before here on the weekly "what played or playing" section, and eventually I might actually get to posting up a short review on it.

Grab these titles at the iTunes links posted above, and be sure to tune back to our blogs for great reviews, news and commentary on all things iOS here at iPhoneLife.com!

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