Wall of Sound - cool free way to browse your collection!

Can't count how many music player alternatives I have tried over the years (have to take off my shoes for sure). Suffice to say, I can't really say any jumped out and made me go, "THAT'S IT!"--like Charlie Brown's epiphany when Lucy tells him he has the fear of everything. Wall of Sound didn't really make me do that, except maybe a little bit. Then it had a couple of glitches, so I calmed down. Still, it is pretty well done for a freebie, and provides a unique way to find and play tunes...

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The cool thing about WOS is that you can browse, sample and buy on-line music, and also mix it all in with your own library. When you select tracks to play (see above), a svelt pop out-player appears.  The whole screen is nicely touch-scrollable, and I have to admit the app is a somewhat original idea. "Wall of" web service products have been around for awhile though, mostly for image browsing.

You can search and filter the array of album art via a search widget listing that appears when you toggle a soft button in the lower right corner. The "wall" extends off the screen in every direction, and you can drag/swipe in any particular direction to quickly mull over your next picks-kinda fun just swiping around in the on-line store looking at album covers. 

The filtered wall selections shown will present an array of artists that fit the genre, or other linked factors to the selection. I can't really see a way to create playlists or queue up multi-album selections in the app, but you can shuffle with a shake. You can also share your favs via social network, SMS or email, and play to an AirPlay capable device.

Wall of Sound wouldn't show custom album art I had added (i.e. to tracks of my own), and actually refused to show it for some actual official covers. The selections also didn't match up at times. Songs for albums/artists not related to a particular cover would play erroneously, which could be a problem with my library though. I think it's an interesting and fun way to browse and play your tunes, and the price is certainly right. You can grab it here in the App store.


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