VITO Star Walk 1.5 Released

 "April 21, 2009 - Vito Technology releases the new 1.5 version of its bestseller educational application for stargazing Star Walk. With more than 4 months in the top 25 (appstore - education category) Star Walk is making possible for everybody to admire the sky, to understand it better and to have fun looking at the wonders of the universe."

New version, new features...See it in action here, or grab it in iTunes here.


1. Reduced loading time (2x)

2. Real 30 FPS

3. Improved search function

4. Improved constellations images and shape 


Vito technology included new features that will make the application more fun and interesting:

1. Additional options:  

 • constellations on&off button  

 • sounds on&off button   

 • magnitude selection (allows you to show in the sky only stars with chosen brightness)

2. Spatio-temporal bookmarks

3. Pictures of all constellations (from 10 upgraded to 110) 

Star Walk remains the official product of IYA 2009 and continues making astronomy enjoyable for everybody. Vito Technology is convinced that with this upgrade Star Walk has simply become the iphone app to have to wow your friends, to show them your favorite stars, constellations and impress them with its images.


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