Use free FStream player for internet radio

I've been tweaking on Ubuntu lately, trying to get a radio tuner device called a Radio Shark functional in Linux on my laptop. I finally have a pretty good solution, but wanted to be able to stream the output on my home network. I thought what better portable player than my wifi-equipped Touch. One problem, I needed a player to see the SHOUTcast stream that could also play OGG. The free FStream player nicely saved the day.

If you are interested in making your own home-grown internet radio station, go check out my posts here. FStream can be found by simply searching for it in the App Store (iTunes, or on your device). Some users have complained with issues using it through 3G connections. It has a setting that will allow you to disable/enable the cell network, so I would advise using this when connected to a wifi network.

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Adding/Playing a stream... To add your favorite streams, simply enter a name and URL: http://hostname:port, etc of the stream you want to listen to, and FStream should pick up the information (format/bitrate) info from the stream. Save your settings and return to the Play screen. Select your stream to play, and enjoy.

Record/Options...FStream will also allow you to record (aiff, and wav only) and time shift Internet Radio stations. Basically, the player can be configured to pause at a spot in the stream, and subsequent play will start again from that point. This can be handy, for example, if you are listening to a talk show on AM and don't want to miss anything.

 I've been really happy with the functionality of my iPod Touch. It has proved to be a very capable PDA, and music player. FStream is one of many useful and free iPhone apps available at the App Store that you should check out. Let me know some of your favorite free apps in the comments! If you really want to geek out your home network, and stream true live radio through your computers to your devices, check out my personal blog here.

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