Trigger Fist update issues and fix

Last week, I posted up on Trigger Fist. Currently my favorite shooter, maybe of all time! So simple of an idea, really--create realistic 3-D combat settings, throw in a sacred goat and a team of highly skilled unfriendlies, and voila--simulated combat bliss! But alas, a miscue in the recent update has been causing problems, especially in terms of saving progress, Game Center stats and app crashes. So I thought I better post up on the current fix.

If you haven't yet tried the update, I recommend against it. After the update, my iPad and iPod produced a red line across the bottom of the main game screen (see above) instead of the normal progress bar. If you see this, it is likely you will have the same issues, and so I recommend at this point you simply reinstall it, as not only will your progress be killed, the app will start crashing.

Next simply delete the app from your device by holding down the icon until you see the "x" in the upper left corner. Select the "x". Go to the App Store and re-install it, and you should have your stats at least, though your progress may be lost (mine was).


You can easily re-install using the App Store app on your device. Navigation to the "Purchased" feature differs a bit between the devices (iPad-on it's own screen, iPod/iPhone-through the update feature)...

I had to start again as a TF initiate myself, but you advance rather quickly in this game, so it won't take you long to get your respect back... Hope this helps, and if you still have issues, post up a comment below, and I will forward to the dev directly! Looks like a new update has the same issue, so if you want to play the game and keep your progress, I recommend waiting until a solution is fully confirmed before updating this app...

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