Tiny Heroes trailer released!

Coming soon to the app store, a tower defense (or treasure defense in this case) game that caught my eye, mainly because the trailer is so well done. Truly, TD can actually get on my nerves sometimes (except for the 3D Monster Trouble, which I love). Anyway, I hope the game is as fun as the trailer makes it look. More information to be forthcoming, I am sure... Tiny Heroes PR blurb excerpt follows...

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"ST. LOUIS – August 16, 2011 – Bring the pain in Tiny Heroes, a new defense game for iOS devices from the fiendish minds behind geoDefense and geoDefense Swarm. In this all-new trailer, players will get a taste for blood as they get a bird’s eye view on what it takes to defend their dungeon and protect their loot against a group of money-grubbing adventurers.
In Tiny Heroes, strategically place over 30 types of torturous traps throughout your dungeon to fend off the waves of Heroes. Each Hero has a distinctly different skill and personality, so it’ll be up to you to discover the finest tactics to ensure they all leave empty-handed ...  or not at all.
Expect Tiny Heroes to emerge from the dungeons onto the App Store later this summer! For more information about Tiny Heroes, visit the web site here.
About Simutronics
Founded in 1987, Simutronics Corp has built a reputation for inspired design, incredible game experiences, first rate customer service and dedicated gaming communities. Located in St. Louis, MO, the privately held company has entertained millions of players for over two decades, and is committed to creating outstanding game experiences for a global audience.
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