Targus iNotebook and Touch Pen at Digital Experience!

Targus is well known for keyboards, cases, and the odd computing accessory. They usually offer inexpensive options that are functional, in my opinion, and I have used several of their products over the years, some better than others. At Digital Experince this year, they were showing off at least 2 compelling products you might want to check out (one now available and one to be released by Q2 2013); A touch pen for Windows 8 non-touch computers, and a note-taking accessory for iPad. One worked rather well, and the other not so much. I'll let you guess which one...

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Windows 8... hmmm. I really love it, I do. It was on display all over the CES show. Row upon row of giant touch-sensitive screens in the central hall, for example. It was frankly kind of annoying after awhile. Windows 8 might be as great as 7 eventually. Is it there yet? Not just no, but heck no. I got all excited by the developer preview back when it came out, thinking MS would do something really special to compete with iPad finally. The main problem is that they brought many of the developer preview problems right along to the final release version.

The bugginess is often obvious within a few strokes on practically any touch-capable device, and this plagued the demo of the Targus Touch Pen, and also practically every Win8 demo I touched at the show. The screen would inexplicably zoom in or move around (or do nothing), or some funky app menu would intrude. To use the pen, you clip a sensor on to your screen (USB-powered), which senses your on-screen pen strokes. I gave up with the touch pen and let the booth rep drive, but she didn't have much better luck than I did. Not sure there is much Targus can do about it, but if they can make the experience better by release, it could turn out to be a useful accessory for older non-touch Win8 machines.

The iNotebook faired much better, and in fact I am now thinking about getting one. Not only can you take notes (no special notebook type required, either), you don't need your iPad to do it. Simply go to your meeting (or class) or whatever, take notes, come back and connect, and bam at least up to 150 lines of notes are stored and then synced to your Pad. You can get more info on the iNotebook here, which retails for $179.99.


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