Tapsteroids FREE today only!

Looking for a retro game to kill some time this Labor Day? Tapsteroids is free today, so don't wait, go grab it here. If you liked Asteroids (and who didn't), then you will love Tapsteroids. The classic title reborn with gameplay concepts and enhancements we only dreamed of back in the day. Read on for more press information..

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"This fast-peaced space action shooter is a tribute to the classic arcade games. The player is assigned the important task of protecting navigation routes from dangerous storms of asteroids that infest the space, ensuring the safety of all spacecraft. After the first short levels to "warmup", the game begins to get complicated and be very addictive: incoming asteroids multiply, follow unexpected trajectories, split into smallerand faster meteors, while spacecraft continue their landing to the space-station.

Surviving in Tapsteroids requires skill, strategy to manage the ammunition of the more powerful weapons (only the standard missiles are endless), ability to calculate the timing of the missiles following a parabolic trajectory and to quickly identify which are the asteroids that come into the most dangerous collision route with the spaceships and your space-station.

Particle systems are used extensively for most special actions, and the nice-looking animations are created using high resolution 3D models.

Featuring over 20 achievements as well as Game Center integration, Retina Display graphics (also on iPad!), four different weapons, infinite levels for hours of gameplay,Tapsteroids keeps player entertained for a good while.

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