5 NFL Draft Apps to Keep You One Step Ahead of the Rest!

If you're a football fanatic, chances are you begin watching for the choicest draft picks way in advance of the regular season. It might be hardball time now, but as a dedicated NFL fan, you live and breathe gridiron news, looking ahead to the coming months with anticipation. Today marks the momentous NFL 2013 Draft (as if you could forget!), so I thought you hardcore pigskin lovers could use some apps to stay up-to-date on the action!!

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1. Draftpedia (Free)

Find out what college your favs played for, the year they were drafted, and stats on their career using an easy and simple-to-use interface that doesn't require a constant net connection. Draftpedia covers both NFL and NBA draft information and stats to keep you in the know. This brand-spanking-new free app is getting a lot of positive buzz right off the line.

2. SportsPage (Free)

SportsPage is another rookie app this year, but it's already strutting like a veteran sports rag — a beautifully rendered magazine-like app with pagination to keep you briefed on all the latest news on many of your favorite sports. Tag and flag important topics or team news, and comment or tweet responses through the app.

3. Pro Football Draft Insider (free)

The App Store offers apps a'plenty to guide you during the nail-biting draft (for several specific teams too), but this special version looks pretty comprehensive. While the app was last updated in 2012, the content appears to be current, and it's free for the grabbing!

4. NFL Mobile by Verizon Wireless (Free)

While NFL Mobile isn't feeling much love in its user ratings, it recently received an update (bug fixes were mentioned), so I say give it another go this year. The app is free after all, and includes a draft pick tracker, live video coverage of the draft, game highlights, and much more!

By the way, I navigated to the NFL.com website on my iPad and went to the draft tracker (linked in the opener), which also seemed to work pretty well, so consider it another draft app of sorts. Go get some of the free apps mentioned above, and don't be shy to comment below on your own fav apps to stay ahead of the pack on all things NFL draft!

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