Star Walk Voted "What's Hot"...New Version Coming

It's a good feeling when you hear that an app you reviewed and gave a thumbs up to makes it to the Apple "What's Hot" list (makes you think you got at least one right). It's especially cool when the developer is one that you have followed and encouraged for a long time (from back in the Windows Mobile days). Of course, the excellent Star Walk product for iPhone/iPod touch might have had just a little to do with it, and now soon to be released with a spinning earth model in version 3.0!

You can download SW at the link below. I am happy to say that it is indeed hot, and I highly recommend it! My congrats and thanks to VITO for sponsoring giveaways of SW here in the past, and I am hopeful we can feature another one once version 3.0 is released.

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Press Release on version 3.0:

"Star Walk 3.0 soon with the whole globe for you!

Our astronomy application Star Walk is a stargazing app for everybody that makes astronomy fun and interesting. It presents always new and high quality features. The next version (coming soon) will make manual selection fun and amazing. We have added a 3D view from the earth that nobody else has.

Now on What's Hot for App Store and always in the top 25 for its category thanks to the many many enthusiasts who discovered astronomy and its beauty through Star Walk. It is great for amateurs, astronomers, adults and kids as it is smooth and beautiful to use and fully educational.

Using it you will be able to recognize the high quality of it graphics, images and how fast it works. Try the digital compass with the Star Spotter function and see how it all comes together.

Star Walk is a stargazing application that made many people get closer to the sky and to astronomy. A full list of stars, constellations, planets and messiers is included with moon phases, wikipedia links and time machine for each of sky objects there to discover.

Our application was recognized by IYA2009 (international year of astronomy 2009) and it is now its official product.

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