Speakal brings fun to dock design at #CES!

CES is chock full of every flavor of something (whatever that something is), and docks (audio and otherwise) are here in force in the iLounge Pavilion. In my last post, I looked at more conventional and cool dockware from iHome. Now for some fun and innovative stuff from another vendor I also like a lot, Speakal (a top pick in our Buyer's Guide for 2010).

Speakal has created several new docks that are painfully cool. One is called the "Cool iPig" --I didn't make it up--building of course on the original iPig speaker dock, which looks like a pig (see top image). Not only can you play and charge iPod/iPhone on it, you can also control with it's front and side-facing motion sensors. With a flick of the hand you can change tracks, volume or pause/play.

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Another radical design is the iKurv, pushing 20 Watts of high-quality digital sound (with acoustic accelerator technology) and featuring video out, the iKurv looks like something from the future. Also comes with a remote.

The miGolfball looks to be an oversize and professionaly-made trinket for the executive in your life (who probably likes golf). What it's hiding is Bluetooth stereo streaming (from any enabled device), and an internal battery (rechargeable), with a stylish base that is the charging unit...too cool!

Well, it can't all be about fun and games. Speakal is coming out with more conventional docks too: The SPK120 is a serious-looking dock that also doubles as a speakerphone for your iPhone, and includes an FM radio, alarm clock and a very sensible LCD display. For the more serious audio buff, the SPKDS100 (prototype shown below) will feature a built-in amp, acoustic accelerator and DSP, USB music playback, radio and more.

The iTower (think speakers on a pole) also features USB playback, which they demoed for me at the booth. Neat trick this: You pop in a memory stick into the USB port on the speaker, set the input, and it plays music directly from the stick (no expensive iPod required). It also features video out ports for use with an external display.

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