SoundPrism 2.3 Update - Interconnect with NLog!

Posted up previously here on the majorly awesome SoundPrism app from Audanika, and also one of my top picks for 2011! Now there is even more great MIDI capability burned into the latest version to turn your iPad into a synth master control panel, which now includes the ability to interface with NLog. Read on for the full PR scoop...

Erfurt, Germany, September 15th 2011

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"Audanika, developer of the popular iPhone/iPad instrument and MIDI controller SoundPrism is pleased to announce the release of SoundPrism Pro 2.3. SoundPrism Pro 2.3 goes beyond the limits of iOS music making. It’s the start of a new era of mobile music creation!

SoundPrism Pro 2.3 is now able to interconnect with other music apps via virtual Core MIDI. MIDI notes and controller data generated by SoundPrism Pro can now be sent to synthesizer apps running in the background. With this step iOS devices become modular creative studios. No additional hard and software is needed anymore.

One special synthesizer app that can be controlled via SoundPrism Pro is TempoRubato‘s NLog. NLog is an extensive synthesizer that provides multiple high quality synthesis modules, SoundCloud upload, Audio and MIDI Export as well advanced real time control. Thus NLog and SoundPrism Pro complete each other perfectly: NLog provides a high quality analog audio synthesis to SoundPrism Pro and vice versa SoundPrism Pro provides a highly intuitive musical user interface to NLog. A demonstration video is embedded above.

For existing users SoundPrism 2.3 comes as a free update for both standard and Pro versions from the iOS App store. Please note that the virtual Core MIDI features stated above are only available in SoundPrism Pro available for $15.99/£9.49/12,99 EUR.

SoundPrism has been downloaded over 250,000 times and both versions have scored full marks in app store reviews across the world, further proof that the app continues to inspire musicians and producers everywhere to interact with sound in an innovative new way.

Open Music App Collaboration

Audanika and TempoRubato are the founders of the open music collaboration, a developer community advancing the virtual Core MIDI Standard. We are pioneers in the field of mobile music creation. A lot of iOS developers already follow us. Our aim is to enable a whole bunch of music apps to interact with each other. More information concerning this development group are openly accessible here.

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