Smart Card: The Amazing Credit Card-Sized Charging Gadget!

Holy Toledo, this is one of the coolest dang tech ideas to come round since, well, since cool tech things started coming 'round. But anyway, The Power Company has hit the Indiegogo funding goal for the amazing SMART CARD. (Although if you hurry, you can still grab a Smart Card perk pack for $39. Other pack deals include two Smart Cards and a free "Smartie" Tracker.) 

What does the Smart Card do, you ask? Easier to say what it doesn't do, which isn't much. It charges (1600mAh capacity) anything, it stores data, tracks, has a flashlight, has built in cables, and will allow you to rappel like the Batman down a 300-foot vertical drop off (OK, no, that last bit I made up). This is the tech accessory stocking stuffer of the century! You can go to the links above to learn more, make a donation, and claim some of the pre-order stock. The campaign closes August 14 and should ship by October, 2014. (In case you were pre-planning that rappelling mission with Batman). Hurry, the pre-order period is ending soon!

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Nate Adcock is a system and integration engineer with experience managing and administering a variety of computing environments. He has worked extensively with mobile gadgets of all shapes and sizes for many years. He is also a former military weather forecaster. Nate is a regular contributor for the and blogs and helps manage both websites. Read more from Nate at or e-mail him at