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Seidio releases Surface and Convert Plus cases!

Looking for an iPhone 4/4S case that can protect and charge?! This year at CES, I was able to catch a preview of these new cases from Seidio, which are now available. The Surface and Convert cases offer sleek and stylish protection in high-tech layers (complete with Gotham style belt-clip), and the ability to "Plus" up your power levels to the tune of 1700mAh (several hours of added juice). Read on for the full PR on these great new cases!


"HOUSTON– April 2, 2012 – Seidio, Inc., today announced the launch of SURFACE™ Plus and
CONVERT® Plus, the newest addition to their line of mobile accessories. These new additions
provide Apple iPhone 4/4S users with a comprehensive set of power solutions.

Seidio’s new line of products consists of the SURFACE™ Plus, CONVERT® Plus, Innocell
1700mAh Replacement Battery and the Multi-Function Battery Charger. The SURFACE™ Plus
integrates sleek protection with battery life in one case. This is the first iPhone 4/4S power case
with a removable battery, certified by Apple®. This convenient feature allows users to switch
out the battery with a spare to extend usage time. Adding versatility is the CONVERT® Plus,
which is the first battery powered case on the market that can be converted between sleek and
rugged protection. Users can simply add layers to the SURFACE™ Plus, resulting in maximum
protection with the CONVERT® Plus. Holsters accompany both cases, making it a convenient
and secure carrying method.

“We wanted to provide a solution for iPhone users that is comparable to the extended
batteries we manufacture for Android and BlackBerry devices,” said Anthony Kan, product
manager. “These new accessories form a complete line, with different levels of protection
available, to meet the needs of many users.”

In addition to the Innocell 1700mAh Replacment Battery, which can be used as a spare battery
to carry around, Seidio is also releasing the Multi-Function Battery Charger that can charge an
Apple iPhone 4/4S and a spare battery at the same time. With Seidio’s new line of solutions,
users can now choose their level of power and protection.

Founded in 2002 and based out of Houston, Seidio is a leading manufacturer of premium
mobile technology accessories designed for the mobile professional. Seidio precisely designs
its products to work seamlessly – with the mobile device – and with each other. This innovative
engineering sets Seidio apart from its competitors and allows mobile professionals to use their
devices with confidence, wherever their day takes them. Seidio offers protective cases, extended
life batteries, chargers, car kits, screen guards and anything else a professional might need for
his/her mobile devices. Seidio products are available at various local retailers and online at
www.SeidioOnline.com and www.Amazon.com.

For more information on the new line of power accessories for the Apple iPhone 4/4S, please
visit www.seidio.com/plus.

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