SBSH SafeWallet Updated!

 SafeWallet for iPhone has been updated to version 1.2.6! The new update brings a great list of new features! Including multilingual support, copy to clipboard for use with different apps, multiline notes display and editing and much more! Keep reading to find out more about the new SafeWallet for iPhone, free upgrade details for registered users and two introduction opportunities: SafeWallet for iPhone for only $0.99 and SafeWallet PC Companion for only $4.95!!

Storing your credit card PIN code in your contacts list? Having trouble memorizing your account logins? Using the same password for all your online accounts? If you answered yes for one of these questions it is time to treat your sensitive information more seriously - SafeWallet is the solution for you!

Use SafeWallet to store all your sensitive information in one place! Offering a mobile client for your iPhone and an optional PC Companion for robust data management solution! Using both will automatically synchronize your wallets between your PC and iPhone!

SBSH SafeWallet 1.2.6 Highlights

  • Clipboard Copy - Tap any of your card fields to copy the field value to your iPhone clipboard! Easily paste values from your wallets to different applications such as Safari, emails and more!
  • Multilingual - SafeWallet now offers translated interface for: English, German, French, Hebrew, Dutch and Spanish. English remains the default interface for all other languages
  • Multiline Notes - View and edit note fields that include multiple lines of text without limitations anymore!
  • Optionally Open Last Used Wallet - Using SafeWallet with multiple wallets? You can now optionally set SafeWallet to open last used wallet or open the wallets folder instead when launched

SBSH SafeWallet 1.2.6 includes additional improvements but we couldn't list them all with this newsletter. Even better, the new release is available as a free upgrade for all SafeWallet registered users! Click here to read more about SafeWallet for iPhone 1.2.6 release and find free upgrade details.

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Introduction Discount - Register SafeWallet for iPhone for only $0.99!

Time Limited Offer - Register SafeWallet PC Companion for only $4.95! (retail $5.95) 


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