Tylt Capio - Smart features and a Great Mount! [review]

Tylt came out strong at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, with eye-catching designs, packing NFC smart features into its gear. Hopefully, new iDevices will be able to take advantage of NFC technology, but even without it, smart products like the Capio ($34.99), let you easily attach any device to your dash or window using a clever adhesive.

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Smart adhesives are making it both easy and convenient to secure your mobile gear. The Tylt uses a patented sticky adhesive gel on both the base of the mount and on the platform where your device sits. What is totally amazing about the gel is that when peeled off, it leaves behind zero residue or tackiness. Even more amazing is that coupled with the suction cup on the base, you can slap the mount down on nearly any surface and count on it remaining there.  
The Tylt includes adjustable brackets that are inserted into channels on the back of the platform. They help hold the device in place, and I tested it with iPhone and several other items (Satellite Radio, iPod, etc.) mounted to the interior dash in my 4wd truck, which has a rough texture. The ball jointed neck allows you to pivot the face of your device for more comfortable viewing. The Tylt performed remarkably well in all cases, and over several weeks of bouncing around in my truck did not come loose one time.
The Verdict
The Tylt is a superb universal mount for almost any smartphone. If dust is an issue, the patented adhesive is renewable (just hold it under tap water and rub), so should last a long time. If Apple gets on-board with NFC, you will be able to take advantage of that aspect, but until then, it's basically just a really effective mount for your iPhone or iPod. If anyone that shares your ride has an Android phone, however, they can take advantage of NFC to configure hands-free mode, automatically set volume and open a music app when mounted on the Tylt. So, if you are in need of a new dash mount, the Capio is a solid, smart and affordable one--get it at the links above!
NFC if Apple ever gets on board
Sturdy adjustable mount
Adhesive mounts to any surface without leaving residue
None that I could find
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