Redshift coming to iOS!

Love to geek out with the astronomy apps, so am looking forward to this one coming to the App Store. Looks like RS brings a lot of the features of both Star Walk and Solar Walk (reviewed here, and here on our blog) to iOS in one app, but has a ton of cool features as well. Read on for more info, and stay tuned for future product announcements!

The award-winning planetarium software Redshift soon will be available for iPhoneTM, iPod touchTM and iPadTM! Redshift brings the night sky to your desktop, with all major and dwarf planets, constellations and bright stars – displayed in top quality.

The application goes beyond the basic planetarium: it displays a 3-D model of the nearby part of our Galaxy. Perform various amazing 3-D flights and visit the Moon and all planets in our Solar system. In the “Follow Sky” mode you can see the current sky view in Redshift and immediately identify a bright star or planet you see in the real night sky. By using the position sensors and the compass (3GS or higher), you can reach every celestial body.

More than 100,000 stars and other celestial objects, comprehensive astronomical data for all objects, an integrated display of information gathered from Wikipedia, or even the “Time travel” sky view option – these and various other features make Redshift for iPhone and iPad a striking high-performance astronomy software.

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