ProCode Review

Some apps are especially useful to those of us of the geekier persuasion, particularly the conversion utilities. Many are revealed via Google search: simple javascript snippets on various web-sites scattered across the internet, or via any of a host of free app store utilities. In my geekier pursuits, I might rarely have to convert a HEX - RGB value for instance (to apply a particular color, etc.), or potentially do some binary math to calculate a proper subnet address. Actually pretty lightweight geek stuff, but hardcore coder types need to get at base conversions when programming in machine code. ProCode is written as a bare bones calculator focused for just that purpose. Oh, it will also help you calculate 2+2 (which I probably need more than the binary conversions anyway).

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ProCode is a tiny 0.1M and downloaded in like 1 second to my iPad, and ran without incident. The app is a pretty basic calculator, sans scientific or any advanced functions (like memory, % function, square root, etc.). The only addition is the conversion features, which transposes the values you enter in the source field (upon which calculations are exercised), into converted output in the target field (decimal, binary, hexadecimal, or octal).

Well, that's it. Nothing fancy here, just a calculator that converts to various base systems of measure, so if you aren't in need of any heavy duty binary output, you can move along now. A couple things I think the developer might do to make his $1.99 app a little more interesting. Add other geek-related conversions (disk storage, RAID, subnet calc, etc.). I would make the app free and maybe throw some ads on it, create some customizable themes or something. That way people can use it for free, and the coder can get something out of the deal as well. Maybe update it and make the graphics fully iPad capable. Just some thoughts. If you are looking for a hard core calculator that only does base conversions, check out ProCode here.

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