Powerocks at CES - portable chargers that rock!

They don't "rock" in the sense of playing music, though you could certainly use one to extend your rocking out time. No, they rock in the sense that some of their products feature a name that includes some geological term (like crystal, stone, etc.). These chargers do not resemble "rocks" at all, so not sure where they came up with that name, but likely some clever PR person decided it would be catchy. Anyway, they were showing every flavor of their "rocks" at CES, and all pack a lot of charge into a compact package. The mushroom looking gadgets in the image above are car chargers (called the "Flashroom") featuring dual output, USB-capable car charging of up to two+ amps. Oh yeah, they also look cute..

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First up, was the Super Magic Stick, which clearly would not be a rock. Maybe they couldn't fit Super Magic Stalactite (which is a somewhat stick-like geologic formation) on the package. I digress... The power stick provides 2600mAh of charge to your iPhone/iPod, and will fit nicely in a purse or jacket pocket.

Next is the Rose Stone, which will give you some 5200mAh of juice in a similar footprint/heft to a blocky smartphone, and weighing in at 200g, this charger could easily fit in your laptop bag or purse, and provide hours of extra juice at 1A of output. Should keep an iPhone, or iPad going and going.

Looking for an even smaller portable charger, there is the credit card sized Tarot, that can hold 1500mAh of charge, and in the image below, the 30-pin mount-on battery called the Booster (1000mAh) for pre-Lightning versions of iPhone. They hope to be releasing a Lightning version soon.

Learn more or check out other great Powerocks charging accessories here...


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