Over in the corner with JOOS and 4i at #CES

You never know what little gems might pop up at CES and from where. 2 of those turned up in the back corner of the North Hall (the nosebleed 1035 meeting areas). 4i has created an interesting iPhone cover with tactile nubs, and the Solar JOOS Orange will charge up to 4 iPhones on a single charge cycle...Check it out...

The iPhone or iPod keyboard (or any touch-only smartphone) has a distinct lack of tactile feedback, which can be an issue for people who (especially crackberry addicts like me) are used to a thumb keypad. Well, if you want that similar sensation on the iPhone, there is such a thing available. 4i has developed a sliding cover that has little plastic nubs that protrude from the face. The cover sits somewhat loosely and provides a sort of realistic simulacrum. They also market a rather austere stainless steel and titanium wrist-band for the new Nano, which was just ok IMO.

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Solar Components won an innovation award for the JOOS orange charger, and no wonder. The thing will keep working when submerged in a bucket of water (see below). The Orange, with it's 1 amp output, will not only top up an iPad (though won't quite fully charge an empty one), it will keep doing it for 3 or more years (depends on usage). The high-efficiency cells will give you 25 years of free energy, and it also has a handy resource utilization app.



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