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OtterBox at CES - Livestrong Commuter series and case memories!

OtterBox did not have much in the way of new stuff to show this year, except for a specially labelled "LIVESTRONG" version of the Commuter series case for iPhone (see shots below). They did however have a rather unique display of their cases past to present. Pretty funny seing an older Blackberry model in there (complete with keyboard protection), and a few PDA cases I remembered all too well!

We have reviewed the Communter series several times here at iPhonlife, but adding the logo does make it a little cooler looking, though I'm not sure if this means case sales send a portion of the proceeds to a Lance Armstrong charity...?

Otterbox past to present...ahhh those were the days of looking for your stylus...

The presskit gift was probably the coolest thing in the booth this year--hardened latchable Otterbox 3000 kit that included CES survival gear: Listerine mouthwash, handywipe, otterbalm (lipbalm), packet of Emergen-C...waayyy cool, and useful!

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